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How To Earn Money From Blog-Easy Blogging Tips

Updated on May 10, 2016

How to earn adsense money from blog posts by backlinks and keywords : Easy Blogging guide

If you really want to earn money online then blogging is something that you will need to know at some stage and for that you must know hoe to earn money from blog and some very easy blogging tips that will be useful for you.I will not say that making money from blogging is very easy-those who say making money online is easy..just lie ! -there is no easy money on Internet but you must know some of the very basic blogging tips if you want to start a blog that actually earns you some money.Writing a blog is not so difficult but the main problem in getting visitors to read your blog.More visitors mean more money.There are some very easy and basics tips that can help you increase traffic to your blog,increase search engine ranking and of course increase your revenue.I will be giving you some of the very basic tips that are enough to start a blog generating steady income

In this article you will learn:

  • Basics of blogging
  • how to make a blog successful
  • How to earn money from blogging
  • Guide of making money online
  • Some useful blogging tips
  • how-to-blog


How you earn money from a blog

There are many ways to earn money from a blog but the most commonly used is write a blog show ads on your blog and when someone clicks on that ad you revenue.Google adsense is most commonly used to get ads for blog there are many other services as well but adsense is the most trusted in my opinion.Another way to ean money from a blog is promoting products that people want to buy and when some one buy any thing from your link you also get a percentage of revenue some of the most commonly used places to get products for promotion are Amazon and Ebay.They pay you for every sale you make for them.

How to Create a blog

There are many services that allow you to make a blog for free some of most commonly used are blogger and wordpress.If you are new to blogging then i will suggest to use Blogger as it is easy to use and you dont need any programming skills to create a blog.

Before you create a blog you must know

There are some questions that you need to ask your self before you create a blog

Why am i creating this blog?

what will i write on the blog?

what will be my target?

You should be clear on your reason to create a blog and then you should stick to it.For example if you want to create a blog for books then you should just stick to this and start working on it.The most common problem that most of people face is that ideas keep on coming to mind for example if you start a blog related to book after some times you will think that maybe movies is a good topic and then you will start working on that and forget your blog related to book .This is why most of the people fail to make a blog successful.They loose hope too quickly if they don't see results coming from a certain blog.But you must know one thing that it takes time to make a blog successful-maybe months.

Selecting the title of the blog

After you have decided what the blog will be about.Its time to think about the title of the blog. The title of a blog plays an important role in search engine ranking.Select a title that is related to your blog for example in simple words don't select a title like''dogs'' for a blog that is releted to cats.Select a title that is relevant to your blog content and that tells people what the blog is all about.And also use the title of the blog in the URL.Selection of right title for your blog is very important so don't ignore it.

Content of the blog : Writing tips for blogging

In simple words content is the king. Search engines don't need copied content they are always looking for original and unique content.Always post original content written by you.I will not go into details of importance of original content you can read my other hub related to that later here..Just one thing Always write original content that people want to read .try to write something that is related to your blog title and that people will enjoy to read so they will come back to read you again.Be as descriptive as possible .A good post must have at least 500 words and a few pictures and videos related to post are good addition.1000-1500 word post is considered to be very good.Try to use those keywords in the post that people are searching

What are key words and how to use them

Keywords are the queen.In simple keywords are those words that you type in google search when you are searching for something.Use of right keywords in your post plays an important role in your search engine ranking as search engines use keywords to find out what your content is al about.Try to use keywords atleast once or twice in your post and use keywords related to your post title .You can use google keyword tool to find out which keywords are searched most.You can use these keywords in the title of the post,in the content of your blog post and in the tabs.try to use relevant keywords that suits your blog.Imagine what would you write in the google search if you are looking for that post.There can be many keywords for a post you can also use phrases as keywords .Like ''how to earn money from blog'',''blogging tips'' can be considered for this post

How to promote a blog : backlinks

once you have published a article if you don't get visitors there is no use of all the hard work in writing so now its time to get traffic to your search engine optimized article .the best way is to get back links but truly speaking that really difficult (specially for a lazy person like me :P)

Backlinks are the prince they give a link to your site from other sites and there is a general thinking that google prefers those sites which have both quality backlinks and quality posts so keep on building backlinks.Backlink building can be a hard part and it takes time to build strong backlink network.The easiest way to generate backlinks and promote your blog is the use of

  • social networking sites like twitter and facebook
  • use of social book marking sites like digg,stumbleupon,reddit,she told me etc
  • Posting on forums related to your post and giving a link back to your site
  • Frequent use of pinging services like pingomatic to ping your blog updates
  • Article marketing on site like hubpages and ezinearticles etc

some of the basic things that you should do after you publish every article

  • Ping it ! ping it as much as you can to update search engineshere are some of the free pinging services that i regularly use

also try

and of course facebook and twiter

  • Submit your url or feed url to different url submission sites whenever you get a chance.This will give you a good steady traffic to your article
  • submit your site/blog to google,yahoo,bing etc

If you follow all these things that i told you above then you can make a successful blog.These are some of the basics things that everyone should know and maybe this is all search engine optimization is all about .

So to start a successful money making blog you need to do following things

  • select a Niche
  • select Title
  • choose keywords
  • write original content
  • generate backlinks

You can also visit my hub ''get-more-traffic-to-blog-page-hub-website'' for more information


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