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How to earn money online Guide

Updated on January 29, 2012

Many people around the globe searching for earning source online. If you see the search result there are many online companies, institutes sharing their proposal and offering different types of strategies for earning online. Is that works for you? Lets see the what they are offering. We will find the solution on that.

When I am searching the keyword “how to earn money online”. Google displays many results, but when I visited the website. I can’t find the website on which I blindly trust. Some of them are saying you have to invest $100, some are in form filling business, most of the websites referring website creation and earning from adverting campaign. After reviewing all of them I come to the conclusion that all the stuffs are already known by many people so what are the new strategies?

Blogging, generating revenue by offering advertising space to the companies, paying for backlinks, investment plans like online Forex, trade. There are lots of options available but none of them gives guaranteed income. So finding right place is very Tuff job. But don’t get upset. I am going to share some of the available resources here. After lots of brainstorming I found some strategies which will help you to earn some bugs from your skill.

Source of earning money online:-

1] Article Writing :-

Writing an article is not that difficult which we normally thought. If you are native English speakers and having sound knowledge about quality article writing. Then you should go with the article writing job. Internet if filled with the article writing job. After Google declared that they are going to serve the content based results for the users. Online website is searching for best writers on the web. You can start with a small project and get experience in article writing fields. Find out which topic is most searchable on the web. You can write about that and sell that content to online news portal or any other website.

You can start finding the jobs on forums, article hosting websites, create your own article writing website and many other ways. The writing quality will decides how much you will get paid for your articles.

2] Earn From Adsense:-

Google Adsense is an effective way of earning online. Millions of people taking benefit from Adsense revenue sharing service. You should try them for getting paid for your own website. The requirement is minimal. You just need to crate one quality website where you can put Adsense ads. Before moving forward please read Adsense term and guidelines. Your website must comply with Adsense policies otherwise your site gets rejected and you will get banned from them.

The basic requirement you need is the website with unique content. Submit high quality content on your website. Create blog will be the recommended website for earning. Blogs will index instantly and you will see the content is also getting visitors from search engines. As many as a visitor your blogs manage to receive from organic search that will help you to increase your click through ratio. The visitor will click on your ads and your website start generating revenue. Top most search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing gives high priority to those websites who having high quality content so start writing unique content and submit to your blog on a daily basis.

If you don’t want to invest in website creation, then there is a free blogging platform available for online users. Is the best source of online blogging. It works under Google and allows you to earn revenue from Adsense.

3] Earning From Hugpages and Squidoo:-

Both are the best deal for generating revenue from your writing skill. They paid you high returns on your earning. Many other programs are available to drag some extra income from their adverting place for e.g. Amazone, ebay and extra point for best writer. It is a secure earning source on the web.

Tips and Statistical Data

Here are some tips and statistical data which will help you to move right direction.

1] If you are blog owner then start writing about international news. And target global users. E.g. If you are writing news then choose international news which related to the global market. You can write about the USA Economical drop, News on US President or something which creates buzz for online news readers.

2] Whatever you submit to your website or blog. After publishing it, you need to submit that news to online social bookmarking sites like dig, reddit and stumble. These are the source of getting direct traffic from social networking website. It will also help to index your content on the search engine. These types of website work as a rout to index your content on the web.

3] Ad one relevant image between the content. Research shows the image speaks well more than content. It will also work as an engagement item for your readers.

4] Affileate Market:-

Become an affiliate for big brand will be the best idea for online earning. You need to do hard work to promote the affiliate product. Create a full proof strategy will help you to generate affiliate earning. Kindly choose the big brand which does not provide scam services or product.

5] Earning From your knowledge:-

The last but not the least. If you want to help humanity and would like to share your knowledge with online people then you should start serving consultant service for free of cost. These will not going to help regarding money but you will earn value from the online people. If you can see the web it is completely available for free of cost. You can avail all of them for free. E.g. The Google products, application, yahoo email, gmail, new portal website are complete very low revenue generating website when they were established but over the period they become a giant by serving humanity. In future this will become a strategy which never fails. When you reach to top position you will automatically get ads serving agencies are offering millions of dollars for placing one ad on your website. So start doing the hard work and lets your knowledge pay you.

I will update this post when I find a new concept of earning online. I would appreciate your though in comment section.


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