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11 Genuine Ways to Earn Cash Online

Updated on September 23, 2015
With a little time and dedication and the right sites, you too can earn more cash online.
With a little time and dedication and the right sites, you too can earn more cash online. | Source

Earning Online

We could all do with a boost to our salary, whether for a treat now and again, or to help pay the bills. Who doesn't want a bit of extra cash? These days there are thousands of websites making promises about how much you will earn online...if you just pay £39.95 for their pack of CDs. This article isn't out to get your cash, it's meant to help you earn your own cash. There are lots of legitimate ways you can earn cash online, from cashback sites to apps. It's as easy as deciding which sites you join then making sure you check in with them a few times a week. This is a guide to 11 ways to earn cash online.

Our survey said....

Taking surveys can earn you real cash for a few minutes work.
Taking surveys can earn you real cash for a few minutes work. | Source

1) Survey sites

If you have a PC or tablet handily near you everyday, try joining a few survey sites. Sites such as Valued Opinions, iSay and Swagbucks will send you invitations via email to complete surveys. Each survey could be worth points or cash. Those offering cash will pay anything from 50 pence to £5 per survey (most will be in the 75 pence to £1 range). These payments usually appear in your account within 3 days of completing a survey and you can 'cash out' or buy a voucher from the site (for other websites like Amazon) once you reach a certain amount. Other survey sites will offer you points as rewards and let you swap points for vouchers, once you reach a specified amount.

Most users report an average income of between £10-£25 per month, per site. There doesn't seem to be a downside to these survey sites - they don't ask for money and the vouchers you claim appear in the post or are emailed to you a e-vouchers. You won't fund that all-inclusive holiday in Mauritius by this route, but you could certainly fund your Christmas shopping.

Be on the hunt for more cash!
Be on the hunt for more cash! | Source

2) Earn cash for completing fun tasks

The website Gift Hunter Club will reward you with points for watching videos or adverts, joining polls, entering competitions and other short, fun tasks. These points add up and you can convert them straight into Paypal cash, or into vouchers for sites like Amazon.

Most users find this a fun site and an easy way to build up some cash. Depending on how much you use the site, you can earn between £10 and £35 per month (possibly more!).

Ok, not this kind of explorer, the safe kind!
Ok, not this kind of explorer, the safe kind! | Source

3) Be a Yoobic 'explorer'!

The app Yoobic sends it's 'explorers' (ok - users!) to complete small easy tasks in shops, which it then uses to report back to the retailers on how well their products are being marketed and displayed. You might be sent to take a photo of a retail display or asked to go and see a product in a shop and give your opinion about how you rank the display or product itself.

This is real time, live and valuable marketing information for the retailers, who pay Yoobic, who then pay you!

You can earn anything between £2 and £10 per task but the average seems to be around £4 to £5 per task. You will need a Smartphone and you need to go on iTunes or Google Play to download the Yoobic app. Members can earn around £20 per month for a few 8 to 10 minute tasks.

Roamler will let you buy cake and coffee to check out the service, then pay you for doing it!
Roamler will let you buy cake and coffee to check out the service, then pay you for doing it! | Source

4) Be a Roamler!

Another site which pays you to go out and about is Roamler. You can get paid to photograph menus in restaurants, buy a cake in a coffee shop or photograph your beer in a pub to see how it is served.

This site is invitation only but they do say to check out their Facebook page for hints and tips on how to be invited and that it isn't hard to find these and get invited to join.

You'll need a smartphone and a Paypal account as it pays cash into your account. You can earn an average of £10 per month.

Need to buy something? Check for a cashback deal.
Need to buy something? Check for a cashback deal. | Source

5) Free cashback!

Never buy anything online until you have first checked whether you can get cashback on your purchase.

Sites likes Topcashback offer anything from 1% to 10% cashback on purchases made through them at popular online retailers such as Amazon, Debenhams, Sky, Virgin, Argos, iTunes - basically almost every online retailer you will ever use!

If you want to make a purchase online, first go to the cashback site, use their own search function to look if the retailer you would like to use is on their site, and then if it is, use their link to click through to the retail site. Once you have made your purchase using that link, the cashback will be credited to your account within 1 to 3 months (the larger cashback offers sometimes take upto 3 months, the smaller ones are usually credited within a month). Users have reported as mush as £145 cashback on deals with Virgin for TV and Broadband packages (similar are available with Sky), but you can also get money back for your car insurance, mobile phone deals, Christmas shopping, buying a new washing machine - anything you can think of!

Depending on how much you spend every year online, you could save serious money.

You can choose how to receive the cashback, but most users choose a BACS transfer straight into their bank account.

Could you be a Youtuber?
Could you be a Youtuber? | Source

6) Upload Videos

Youtube is a great place to earn money if you are lucky and can catch the public's imagination and interest. Vidoes of cats and dogs doing daft things are always popular but the ones which earn the most are either the regular 'Youtubers' (think Zoella or Joe Suggs), or those people who upload something that gives real advice or useful practical tips.

Are you great at wrapping gifts? Upload videos of you wrapping Christmas presents with tips on how to get the best look.

Are you a DIY dabbler who has aced putting up shelves, replacing guttering and loads of minor repairs around the house? Upload videos of you successfully completing these jobs, with easy instructions for viewers to follow.

Do you know how to bake and ice a wedding cake? Film yourself making a beautiful creation.

Take a skill and make money from it by instructing others how to do it. Many people use their ipad or tablet, or a cheap video recorder to record videos and upload them to Youtube. Once your videos receive enough views, the site will invite you to be a 'partner' and you can earn an income from the advertising placed before your video.

Many people are making a good living from Youtube ( including a woman who films herself opening Disney toys!). You may hit just the right note to make a killing, or maybe just to give your income a monthly boost.

7) Hubpages (well we had to mention it!)

You will notice that this article is part of Hubpages. Hubpages is a bit like a vast online magazine. You will have googled/searched something today which brought you to this article (because it appeared in your search results). Hubpages has articles on every topic from DIY to 'Does God exist?'. Users worldwide could find themselves reading a Hubpages article once a day, once a week or once a year. Why not write some yourself?

You join up (which is easy), write articles about things you are interested in or an expert on, upload them, they are published (subject to editorial approval),and if enough people click through to them, you can earn money from the advertising placed on your pages. You need at least 10 articles (or 'Hubs') to join the earnings programme and you will need to join Google AdSense (which you can do through the Hubpages site). If you love writing, this is a great way to indulge a hobby and earn a little money from it.

Most users report anything from £0 a month to £50. You need hubs on subjects people will google (so extreme niche articles may not get many views - you may be passionately interested in the life cycle of the lesser spotted gnat, but how many other people will be?). High performing hubs are usually ones which tap into a common need, such as home improvement, or travel articles. You won't earn a fortune, but if you enjoy writing as a hobby, then this is for you.

Answer some market research questions and you can earn cash
Answer some market research questions and you can earn cash | Source

8) Become a part time market researcher

This one is just for iphone users (at the moment). The Task 360 iphone app (available from ITunes or app stores) allows you access to small market research tasks. You download the app and will get notified of small tasks to complete, such as going into a bar or restaurant and checking which drinks dispenser the barman uses most. You might also be asked to help sat nav firms update their routes by notifying them of any changes - like a new 'No Entry' sign. Users report it is easy and fun to use.

Users are reporting earnings of around £10 a month, but it's an easy, fun way to make a bit of extra money whilst you are out and about.

Work from the kitchen table
Work from the kitchen table | Source

9) A serious work from home job!

Lionbridge is a company that offers around 150 work from home tasks at any one time. By serious we mean legitimate, but they can also be a little boring!

You need to apply via the site, and you will need a degree. You also need to complete screeners to check your suitability, then if suitable, an exam, which can be a bit lengthy, and they do reject people. However, if you are prepared to complete the tests, and then put in the hours if successful, you can earn between £140 and £200 a month.

Users say that the tasks can be boring, but if that's the worst they say, and you are prepared for a little boredom along the way, you can earn a decent monthly amount. You choose your hours and could have a 'job' as an advert assessor, social media assessor etc, so you must like working/searching and spending lots of time online!

You will only be allowed to work for the site for a maximum of 11 months, due to current legislation on temporary contracts.

Overall, a good way to earn a decent monthly amount for a while, but you must be qualified, suitable and prepared to put in the hours whilst you can.

Ebay it and earn from stuff you never use
Ebay it and earn from stuff you never use | Source

10) Ebay it!

Clear out your clutter, unwanted or unused items and put them all on Ebay. Most people will have heard of this way of earning a bit of cash, but we don't always put in the effort to do this properly.

Set aside a day every 6 months to have a complete clear out. Not only will this feel very therapeutic and give you lots of space back, but it will also net you a pile of goods which people will pay money for on Ebay. Follow these tips:

  • Make sure you take good quality photos (at least 3), of every item.
  • Make sure you put any brand name in the title of your listing (brand names attract more views and more buyers).
  • Don't make spelling mistakes in your title (eg those Adedas trainers will fail to find as many buyers as the Adidas ones!).
  • Make your description enticing - be honest, but one sentence descriptions are annoying and don't tell potential buyers enough about the item. Specify age, fit, wear and tear, exact colour, length, time used, reliability, any faults etc. The more you say, the better.
  • Ensure your auction ends at a reasonable time. Don't time it to end at 1am in the morning - less people will be up to bid on it. The best time to end an auction is early evening after everyone has had their tea. The best day to end it is on a Sunday - so Sunday post tea time is ideal!
  • Not sure how to describe your item in the title? Use the Goofbid pulse tool which will tell you, in any category, what the most popular search term used by people looking for your item is. Include a few of these and you will get more views, and more bids.
  • Go for a 10 day auction - the longer your item is listed, the more people will see it.
  • Make sure you pick the correct postage. Don't land yourself with a huge postage bill that you won't get paid for, but equally don't over price your postage - buyers don't like this. Weigh your (packaged) item and use this Royal Mail price finder to calculate postage.
  • To protect yourself, always use a service that offers proof of delivery with pricey items. For lower priced goods, the 'proof of posting' from Royal Mail allows you to claim back anything under £50 that never arrives. However, if you are selling something like an old iphone, or expensive jewellery, it's worth investing in a service that will give you proof of delivery (recorded delivery from Royal Mail for example). This means that you can escape unscrupulous buyers who get the item, but claim they didn't, and demand a refund.

Lastly, once all your stuff has sold, why not offer to sell for other people? If you have friends or family who want to sell on Ebay but say they don't have the time or energy to do it, offer to collect their stuff and sell it for them, for a small commission. Or, you could keep an eye out in local charity shops or at car boot sales, for things you know will sell for a higher price and sell those on Ebay too. You need to be quite an Ebay expert to do this. You can check what similar items have sold for by entering the item in the search box and ticking 'completed items' on the left hand grey bar. This will then let you know what price you could expect.

Blogging can earn you serous money but you will need to put the hours in.
Blogging can earn you serous money but you will need to put the hours in. | Source

11) Start a Blog

This is the last tip for the reason that it can be hard work. Bloggers who write popular blogs can expect to earn anything from hundreds to thousands of pounds every month, but they put time and effort into keeping their blog interesting and popular.

If you have expertise in a subject (e.g. cooking, car repair, music production etc), or have great advice to give (e.g. budgeting, money saving, crafting, travelling etc) then you can create your own niche for a blog. This is much better than just writing your general thoughts down on screen and expecting lots of people to enjoy them. Once you know what your niche and target market will be, you can start to create content. Make sure you post regularly (so your readers know when to check your blog for new posts and keep coming back for new content) and have great photos (you may have to buy a new camera and learn how to upload photos).

You will also have to learn to network. No-one gets great traffic to their blog without also linking it to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook (amongst others). Make friends with others in the blogging community and swap hints, tips and tricks, use Rafflecopter to offer prizes and see if you can write a guest post for another, more popular blogger (though they will have to be very kind to give you this opportunity!).

To be successful you should plan to earn nothing at all for the first 12 months, building up slowly to a regular income. Of course there will be some initial costs too, such as joining a blogger site who will host your blog, buying camera equipment, joining a site such as Pic Monkey that lets you edit photographs and possibly, depending on your niche, spending some money creating content (for example blogs about recipes will require you to cook the food and photograph it, so you will need to buy the ingredients and maybe some photo worthy cookware!).

To explain the basics of setting up a blog (the 'How to') please see this useful article.

Overall this is probably the best way of all, to make money online, but it will require time, energy and effort. Be passionate and committed though, and your earning potential could know no bounds!


Good Luck!

Have fun joining these sites and seeing a bit of extra cash coming in each month.


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    • TracySimpson profile imageAUTHOR

      Tracy Simpson 

      3 years ago from Lancashire

      Hi Suraj! Thanks for the comment. You're right, apart from blogging these tips take a while to add up the cash, but they are genuine and I'm earning with them - Christmas shopping will be a lot easier!

    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 

      3 years ago from jakarta

      These are all good tips but they are not really new. I have tried many of them and they are all depressingly slow and the amount earned is really miniscule. I am still writing on hubpages because I like to write occasionally. Great hub and a very good was of explaining in detail about all the tips. Keep it up!


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