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How to help your partner to work from home.

Updated on July 11, 2016

To start working from home is a little skeptical for both, man and woman even though everyone wants to work from home. Work from home provides flexibility of working hours, enhances family bonding, balances work life, reduces mental pressure, health advantage, provides financial saving and improves the work quality. However, this option is not utilized by many people due to a lot of pressure involved in the work set up and home bound distractions. Normally, it is considered that the person doing work from home will have to manage all home based work, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, maintaining grocery, taking care of kids and maintaining a social life. It becomes quite difficult for a person to handle so much work without proper support. Here you can be a good support system for your partner to have a successful career working from home.

Share your work

Daily chores can be very hectic for a person doing office work from home. You can share your home based work with your partner to minimize daily chores. Sharing your work like cooking together will also help you spend more time with each other.

Plan your work in advance

Proper planning for every week in advance will save a lot of time on weekdays for work.

Do major home based work on weekends

Schedule all home-based routine work like cleaning, laundry, gardening, paying bills online, grocery shopping mostly for weekends, so that these works are not a distraction during weekdays and your partner can focus more on their work.

Separate work environment

Help them set up a separate workspace for having a feel of the work environment to keep them focused.

Keep Daily supplies handy

Keep the daily supplies like stationary, water bottle, snacks in their work environment where no much time is consumed in getting these supplies from other rooms.

Organize their work environment

Keeping things organized will save a lot of time. Important documents kept in one place will help to pull out the papers when needed in no time.

Avoid personal task

Help them to avoid taking personal phone calls, gossiping, browsing social media sites.

Defined office hours

You need to create defined working hours according to their flexibility. Defining working hours will make them more focused. You can have them set up work hours when you are at home so that you can look after the kids, while he/she works.

Communicate with your partner honestly and try to find out if they are stuck somewhere.
Communicate with your partner honestly and try to find out if they are stuck somewhere. | Source

Understand their needs

Communicate with them to understand their needs and help them out if they get stuck in between.

Finally, it is very important to communicate with each other on any issue. You have to understand each other, be honest rather than being defensive. In case you have kids of very young age, it is better to have a babysitter at home. Consider your younger one wants to go loo urgently or is hungry or is cranky for something, your partner will be distracted from work. To help your partner work from home you both need to plan, adjust and understand each other work needs.

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    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 21 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Good advice for those working at home, thanks for the share.