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How to enter into an Audit Profession as a Graduate?

Updated on April 16, 2013

Are you a graduate aiming at high-paying jobs? Do you want to shape a career as an auditor? If you are aware of the right path to follow, you will be able to come across a good job. Otherwise, you will have to make a long wait for that perfect opportunity. If you are willing to work hard in order to attain the heights, your decision to become an auditor is good indeed. This field is both challenging and rewarding and offers excellent opportunities for new graduates who are determined to succeed in this industry.

The following are some useful tips and guidelines to get started in an audit career as a graduate.

Develop your capability to work in varied environments

There are a wide variety of jobs in the audit industry. As a result, new graduates can opt for a job in accountancy and auditing firms. They can also consider working as an internal auditor. If it is possible, you should try to gain experience in the both the fields. This will help you to determine which setting is most suitable for you.

If you work in a firm, you will be required to coordinate with different officials and clients. On the other hand, working as an in-house auditor will give you the opportunity to work in a team. In both cases, communication with people is the overriding factor. That is why great interaction and client-management skills are a major requirement.

If you land up with a job in a multi-national company, there are higher chances of travelling extensively for work or being transferred overseas. You will have to work in a completely diverse environment. Adapting to such a setting is a challenge you have to overcome in order to be successful in your career.

Therefore, ability to adjust in any environment is necessary for you as an aspiring audit professional.

Plan your career properly

A successful career owes to proper career planning. You should start with determining the type of organisation you wish to work in. Some fresh graduates are interested to work in a firm whereas, many prefer to begin their career by working in an in-house audit team of a company. Both the options have their share of advantages.

The former gives an insight into the auditing industry. Candidates can get a feel of what the industry is all about. This works as a helpful on-the-job training ground. The latter involves less interference on the part of the clients. As a result of which, professionals have the liberty to work on their own by applying their own principles and strategies.

When you are done with selecting the type of organisation where you wish to work, you should plan regarding how long you intend to stay in a company. Also, you must chalk out the probable opportunities for appraisal when you are in that role.

Set your career goals and ambitions

It is wiser to set short-term and long-term goals before starting a career. For instance, if you wish to start your audit career with a job in an accountancy or auditing firm and later on, move in a private company, you should list this as your long-term goal. Recruitment consultants at Oliver James Associates can assist you a lot in this. If you want to work overseas, this will also be your long-term aspiration. Short-term goals refer to advancing to a higher position.

There is a great advantage of listing your short-term and long-term goals. Even if you face any difficulties in your current employment, you will have a second plan to bank upon.

Take a focused approach

You have planned your career and set your career goals. The challenge is to be resolute to give your career the right direction according to your planning and achieve the goals. It is possible only when you are focused and sure about your capabilities.


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