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How to purchase equipment for a pizzeria

Updated on August 4, 2015


You need to have a pizzeria with the correct equipment in order to handle the necessary amount of business to be successful. This is especially true when you are competing against the big four franchise pizzerias. You have to be able to produce your pizzas as quickly as they do, make the pizzas taste better, and still remain competitive on a monetary basis with these pizzerias.

The first piece of equipment to consider for a modern pizzeria is a good POS system with an online ordering system that handles mobile ordering from smartphones. The second piece of equipment is a conveyor oven that can bake a pizza in around 5 minutes. You also need a hot box to hold pizzas at the proper temperature until they are picked up. The POS system and the conveyor style pizza oven are the two most important pieces of equipment in your pizzeria

The next most important piece of equipment is the pizza production table. You need an eight foot refrigerated table so two pizza makers can make pizzas on weekends. The next piece of equipment to consider is a walk in cooler. You need either an 8 x 10 or 6 x 12 size for the walk in cooler to properly store the supplies you order. The pizza oven, the pizza make table, and the walk in cooler all need to be bought new to get the best quality.

We also need a pizza dough roller and a dough mixer along with a couple of 6 ft stainless steel tables with lower shelves. These can be bought used as long as you make sure they are in good working order. You will also need a number of smallware pieces to finish off the kitchen. We will look at each piece of equipment in detail to show what is needed. The first piece is the POS ordering system.

A modern POS system

The modern pos system

The POS system for your pizzeria needs to be able to accept orders at the counter or over the phone, and also needs to be connected to an online ordering system with the ability to accept your order online or with a smartphone app.

For the modern local pizzeria all of these capabilities are important. A lot of the pizzerias are getting 20 percent of their total orders from online ordering. This will only increase in the future, and the pizzeria that doesn't have a completely electronic ordering system will only fall further behind in the competitive pizza market.

The POS system that I have found that seems to be the the best is the one from Revention. The reason is that it offers you all the capabilities that the big four pizza chains have. You can learn all about it at their website . the problem is the cost for the system which is about $15,000.00. It has all the capability you will need if you can afford the steep price.

The next system to consider is a piece of software called point of success premium software package. You can get a two station package for about $1,000.00. It also offers access to an online ordering package from the Big holler company. The good thing is you can buy the hardware separate from the software.There is a lot of used POS hardware for sale on Ebay. You can gain access to the online ordering service for a setup fee plus $70.00 a month for a usage fee. the online orders print out at the pizza make table the same as orders over the phone. For more information go to their website at For information on the POS software go to

lincoln conveyor pizza oven

pizza holding cabinet

The right pizza oven

The right pizza oven is one that can cook the pizzas right, do it quickly, and is very efficient on the use of gas. The Lincoln impinger conveyor oven with fast bake technology seems to fit the bill very nicely, For most local pizzerias the model 3255 would work very well. It can bake about 95 14” pizzas per hour for as long as you need it to.

An experienced pizza maker can make a pizza every two minutes or about 30 pizzas every hour. That means it would take three pizza makers just to match the output of this pizza oven on a hourly basis. The cost of the oven is about $14,400.00 when ordered online. This particular pizza oven should satisfy the needs of most of the local pizzerias.

The main value of this oven is the fact that it can bake a pizza in five minutes. If it takes the pizza maker another two minutes to make the pizza, and the oven guy another minute to cut, box, and store the completed pizza then you can promise a pickup time of ten minutes, which will be very popular with your customers. That is why I think this would be a good pizza oven for the majority of local pizzerias.

You also need a hot box to hold pizzas until they are picked up or delivered. This should cost around three thousand dollars to buy, and would set in the front of the pizzeria. It would hold the pizzas at the correct temperature until disposed of. Next we will look at the pizza make table

Refrigerated pizza make table

pizza make table

The proper pizza make table is important to the successful running of your pizzeria. You need an eight ft model so you can have three guys working at the table during busy periods on the weekends.

The pizza table should be new, as you don't need troubles with the refrigeration during times when you are busy. To get a lower price point you would have to buy a used unit, and probably one that is a few years old. At that point you could have problems with the compressor or other refrigeration parts. At $2839.00 you could afford to replace this unit after about five to six years.

A six foot by twelve foot walk in cooler

A walk in cooler

The walk in cooler is where you will keep the most of your refrigerated products. Because of this you want to make sure that you get a good one. Imagine having an older used one and the compressor breaks down. Not only would you have to pay a good amount to have the compressor fixed, but you could also lose a couple thousand dollars worth of product and maybe a days worth of business.

This kind of puts that cheap used walk in cooler in a different perspective. If you buy a used walk in cooler you should put in a new compressor and have the evaporator checked for leaks. This piece of equipment is important enough that you should think carefully before buying anything but a new piece of equipment.,

The size of the walk in cooler should be either an 8' x 10' or a 6' x 12ft. You will find either one alright for a pizzeria, although I tend to prefer the 6' x 12' cooler for storing large amounts of refrigerated items. That size costs a little more than six thousand dollars brand new.

Hobart 60 qt dough mixer

A 60qt dough mixer

The dough mixer is one piece of equipment that you will buy and then use for ten to twenty years if you take decent care of it. The most popular brand of mixer for the pizza market is the Hobart 60qt mixer.

This is a great mixer for the pizza market because you can make dough from a 25lb bag of flour without putting any strain on the mixer. You can make multiple batches of dough daily for years without any problems with the mixer. With the proper attachments you can also shred or grind cheese to fit your needs every day.

This is one piece of equipment you can buy reconditioned, and still have an excellent investment. In fact out of all the pizzerias I have worked at I have never known anyone that has bought a new Hobart mixer.

They know that they can buy a used Hobart mixer use it for years, resell it and get a good share of their money back. You can usually buy a used mixer for three to four thousand dollars. A reconditioned 60qt mixer will probably be between five and six thousand dollars.. You need to spend a fair amount of time looking for the right mixer as it is a one time investment if done right.

Acme dough roller

dough roller

The dough roller is another piece of equipment that you can buy used, and still come up with a good piece of equipment. A used dough roller should run you between a thousand and thirteen hundred dollars.

When buying it you need to listen to it run and listen for excessive bearing noise. Also look at how clean it is kept, as a sign of how this party took care of their equipment. Dough rollers are well built pieces of equipment and should be able to last decades if taken care of.

A single door freezer

The single door freezer is used a limited amount in the type of pizza only pizzeria. You store certain meat products in it over longer periods. You might store about 250 pounds of bulk Italian sausage, 50 pounds of sliced pepperoni, 25 pounds of beef topping, and 25 pounds of pork topping.

These would be used on a weekly basis, and all except the bulk Italian sausage can be transferred from the freezer to the pizza make table. The Italian sausage has to be thawed out before it can be put on the pizza. You always keep a five pound bag or two thawing out in the walk in cooler.

This is a piece of equipment where you can buy a 20 cubic foot home freezer and use it, if the health, department allows it. If you can use a home freezer you would be looking to spend about five hundred dollars.

A three compartment sink

The three compartment sink and grease trap can be bought used and serve quite well, and the amount paid used should be around $800.00 for both. This is something that is needed on a daily basis for cleanup, and the health department will probably require that you use a three compartment sink.

Buying Smallware for the store

The Smallware for the pizzeria will usually cost around $2500.00 and consists of at least the following. Pizza screen racks and pizza screens, pans for the make table, dough boxes, tubs for dough and shredded cheese. A set of knives, ladles, scrapers, and whisks for stirring. also pizza cutters, metal and wood pizza peels. You also need a mop and mop bucket for cleanup. There are also other items that you will need that fit the Smallware description. That is the reason for allowing $2500.00 for Smallware.


Buying the equipment for your pizzeria at the right price is about the most important thing you can do to get open. You nave to carefully consider the amount of business that you think you will do, and the type of equipment you will need to do it.

In this article we took up the major pieces of equipment needed for a carryout and delivery pizzeria. We looked at the items you needed to buy new, and where you could get by with used equipment. The only thing that remains is to figure out the amount of weekly business you think you will do, so you can get the right size pizza oven

The most important thing is to understand who your real competition is, and how to best compete against them. The multi unit chain pizzerias have about 50 percent of the pizzerias in this country, but do over sixty percent of the pizza business, and this will only increase in the future as local pizzerias try to get by with old equipment that cannot get pizzas out fast enough.

The chain pizzerias know that local pizzerias have the edge on pizza taste, therefore they will try to win with online ordering and smartphone apps, plus making and cooking the pizzas much faster than local places can do.

That is what Papa Johns is trying to do. They challenged Middleby Marshall to come up with an oven that cooked pizzas fast enough where they could make and cook a pizza in ten minutes.

They came up with an oven that could cook a pizza in four and a half minutes, and papa johns bought around fifteen hundred of them. This is the way that the chain pizzerias will win in the fight with the local pizzerias.


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