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How to find a LVN job

Updated on April 19, 2012
lvn graduation
lvn graduation

You finally passed your NCLEX exam! Yay! Congratulations to a job well done, not to kill your joy at your "cloud nine" state but the next question is HOW DO I FIND A JOB?!

Few things i wanna share to you, i hope it helps :D

To be honest with you i did not have a hard time getting myself a job , the hardest part is overcoming all the fears and anxieties that comes with it, things like -what if I make a mistake? , what if my co workers don't like me?, what if I can't handle the stress? "What if's"!!!

Relax, the only thing I could think of that would give you that peace of mind would be, Get a medical malpractice insurance (i will post the link at the bottom) I'm not saying that you will make a mistake but it's better than nothing. It will cost you roughly $50 or so yearly but it's worth it!

So now your protected with a malpractice insurance the next step is finding a nursing facility that would hire you. Look around major hospitals because if theres a hospital around for sure there will be a skilled nursing facility lingering somewhere. And thats what I did, I drove around Washington hospital in Fremont equipped with my resume, an enlarged copy of my LVN license, a CPR card, a copy of my Social security card, drivers license and a truck load of wits ,charm and confidence (you need it! Specially for new grads like us, we need to show them that we are good investment to their business. They already know that we qualify as nurses because we have our license but with your charm,wits, and confidence we can seal the deal. )

As you go facilty to facilty dont just drop off your resume to the first person you see, look for the DSD or the director of staff development, better yet look for the DON or director of nursing. Only because we want our resume to be seen directly by people that will can decide if they want you or not, because if you give your resume to random employee chances are it will go directly to the shredder machine (not to be negative but think of the worst thing that could happen). Also if you look for the DSD or the DON not only you get to meet them, you get to give them a really good first impression.

Speaking of good impression, sleep early the night before, shower, brush your teeth, have a complete and nutritious breakfast, dress up, close toe shoes you know the drill. Because you never know if they want to interview you on the spot just like what happened to me.

Now that you have met the DSD or the DON of the skilled nursing facility your are inquiring about and your resumes are turned in. We play the waiting game. Follow up! Give them a phone call the next day would be too early, a week would be too late so call after 3 days would be just perfect. Look for the Director of staff development and just ask for any updates or if there is a position open for you. Because some companies wants to test how important this job is for you, how dedicated you are and how much you want this job because it says so much about your work ethic if they decide to hire you in the future.

These are the techniques I used that landed me my dream job. I hope you land yours too! GOOD LUCK fellow nurses


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