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How to find advertisers and what to be careful of when dealing with them

Updated on January 5, 2013

Affiliate Marketing (advertising)

By now you have all read my Hub about affiliate marketing and what it is and means so I am only going to be brief. Another good way to advertise is through ad networks such as bidvertiser and adsense (you must sign up as a publisher). When dealing with ad networks such as Bidvertiser the ads are not content based so you have to choose the best ads possible (try to match the ads with your site or blog's content). Adsense ads are content based. So that means try to choose content based keywords. When dealing with affiliate marketing networks like the ones listed in this hub there are a few things to look for and keep in mind. There is no sure way to guarantee your earnings without the potential buyer actually making a purchase or the Marketer actually generating a lead that may or may not result in a sale, however some exceptions may apply.

a few tips I have learned through experimentation are:

  1. Try to choose the best products for your market (or try to match products to the content on your site or blog)
  2. Look for Lead Generation marketers (they pay based on the generated lead rather then a commission).
  3. When choosing Commission based Marketers be sure to look at stats and sales on related products to gain a overview on how well or poor that product does in it's market.
  4. Don't just sign up to every marketer available try to choose the Marketers that best fits your ninch and or site and blog's content.
  5. Using multiple networks in combination with each other can help increase your earning in a major way (be sure to check the terms and conditions to see what networks they can be use with).

All the networks listed below are free and may require approval before you can post the ads.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction also known as CJ to those who are familiar with it is the most popular Affiliate marketing network on the internet it allows you to search in choose marketers and or products to promote on your site or blog. After your list is generated you can then choose the advertiser you want to promote on your site or blog and sign up with them. You must sign up to each chosen advertise before posting a link or banner to your site or blog. Once approved by the advertiser or marketer you will be able to post the link or banner to your site or blog.

Once the link or banner is added to your site or blog the network begins to track the traffic generated from your site or blog. There are a few ways to earn from your advertisers you can check these stats on the list page. Each stat will be listed next to the advertiser name and brief description so be sure to check them before you sign up to each one because it will help you determine your rate of pay and how they will pay you. Make sure to completely fill out all the required information upon signing up.

Google Affiliate Network

This one is not as good as CJ however it can help increase your adsense earnings for all those who use adsense. This is a really good tool if use with adsense to generate an income. It is kind of limited to the advertisers that is on their network however it is an easier interface to use and a bit cleaner. This Network also has different ways of paying depending on the advertiser. Please be advised that this one is really good if you combine with your adsense ads. Be sure to fill out all the required information upon signing up. All of the advertiser on this network require approval before posting links.

Link Share Network

This is the network I use the most in my opinion it is the easiest to use. It has a few methods of payments as well as the most options of the three. I have also included all the links to all three networks at the bottom of this hub so please feel free to sign up and use them all.


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