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How to find the right job?

Updated on May 20, 2012

In finding the right job, there are many things that you should consider. So what are these points and where do you start? For your reference,here are some of the useful tips I have gathered to help you out.

1. Prepare a very good convincing resume with a nice descent picture for the employer's look out. Make it sure to highlight your strength as a person, your character, your skills and talents, your knowledge and expertise on certain fields, your different milestones and achievements in the past. Create a brief summary of your previous jobs experiences stating specific tasks and responsibilities undertaken, educational background, affiliated organisations and favorite hobbies. The goal is to have your resume stand out during the job application screening process. You should remember that it is the initial tool that employer will see first. It is like selling and advertising yourself to the employers.

2. Prior to sending your resume to the diffferent employers, spend time for yourself to think and reflect what you want in a job? where do you want to work? what do you want to achieve today and in the coming years? what important things you should consider like family needs, long term or short term career plan and etc. It is very important you identify these points in your job search so that you know where to look and what sort of preparations you will need to get to your career goal.

3. Once you have identified the important points to consider in getting your job. It is time to make some research on the list of different employers according to the job you desire to get. Lay down your plan and make a strategy on how you can apply for the right jobs effectively with high results. Maximize all the different approaches to job applications like online applications by emailing employers, submitting applications to company websites, job classified ads both online and printed, referrals from other people, walk-in and fax applications or by posting an ad for yourself. Plan your approach on your job search so that you don't waste time and get immediate results.

4. Once you get a response for a job interview, ensure to prepare well so that you get shortlisted and passed the job interview. Make a research and background check of the employer who have responded to you because some of them would asked what you know about the company profile and operation. Understand the job description for the position you are called for. It might be that you don't have an experience for the certain job but asked and picture yourself if you can do the job. Are you willing to learn and meet the company's expectation and requirement.

5. Prior to the job interview date, ensure to make your preparations as to the exact location of the office, how to get there, aniticipate travelling time and unexpected traffic so that you do not miss your appointment and come on time. Prepare your clothes and shoes to wear for the interview. Anticipate the type of questions the employer will ask from you and also prepare in your mind the type of answers you will say to the employer. Imagine yourself being the employer and what sort of things you would want for a new hire employee. If you have a sample of your previous works to show to the employer, make sure to bring a copy of it during the interview to further convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. In other words, come well prepared for the interview and be yourself.

6. During the interview, make it sure to present yourself properly starting with your clothes, clean nails and shoes, well-groomed hair and overall a neat and pleasing appearance. Remember how you carry yourself during the interview would definitely impact the result of the interview and the success of your job application. Ensure to present yourself in a confident way not pretending but showing the real you to convince the employer to get you. Answer all questions in nice and proper way. If you don't understand the question or you don't know about it, be straight forward to tell it to the interviewer rather than assuming that you know to avoid embarrasing yourself in front of the employer. Be friendly, wear a smile on your face and talk in a nice and professional way.

7. During the interview, ask some questions to the employer to show that you are interested in the job. Most importantly, ask the salary package and employee's benefits so that you will know if it fits to the kind of job and pay that you are looking for. It is good to know and understand from the start what you are getting yourself into. Ask for opportunity of career advancement in the future so that you can identify if this is only for a short term or long term career path. Ask how the company operates, how long the company was operating to know if it is stable or not. Get an understanding of the organizational structure to give you a bigger perspective of the type of job that you are applying for.

8. There might be possibility that you will be required to take actual test on your skills during the interview process depending on the type of job that you are applying for so anticipate this and come prepared for the unexpected.

9. As you have started right with attending the interview process, you should also ensure to close it right leaving a good impression to the employer. Do not forget to thank the employer for giving you the chance to be interviewed and his/her valuable time.

10. Now that you are done with the job interview, met the employer, gathered some facts and information of the company, had an overview of the job description and company's expectation for the new hire employee, it is time for you to make an assessment of yourself if you have a chance of getting hired, if this job was the right job that you are looking for that fits your criteria or you should continue on your job search till you find the right employer.

Remember that finding a job is an important decision that you should plan well. It is not only generating income and bringing food for the table but also you should consider if this job will give you a chance to grow your talents, your skills, give you the opportunity to use what you have learn and contribute to the company, to someone else or to a greater perspective. Above all, in finding the right job, do not forget to ask for God's direction and guidance so that you will be successful in all your undertakings and be a blessing to others too...


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