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How to generate traffic for your website?

Updated on December 2, 2012

Market yourself!

I was very fortunate to get an online job early this year. It didn't pay that much but what I learned was what was important. I found out how to generate traffic for your website.

What do I mean by generate traffic? For example you are trying to sell something and you have your own online store; of course you want maximum exposure so that people will know you are selling something. Some might create a facebook fan page and ask their friends to like their page and hopefully friends of friends will see it and like it too, but of course you can only beg and wish that this will happen everyday.

Anyway to get to my point, I was hired by i-SNID. I had no idea about such things so when they trained me on what to do and how actually people can get social buzz all over the net this is where people should go. They offer services like thirty dollars a month to promote you online on different social networks, so whatever you are selling and want to sell it I suggest you do the same.

i used to wonder how someone's facebook page could be liked like a million times! I thought wow this person must have a lot of friends, not! They just probably signed up with i-SNID and got all the buzz going. What a way to market yourself right?!


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