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How To Find More Customers

Updated on December 30, 2012

Focus on your reputation

Word of mouth is your greatest adversing friend. People's recommendations is what will make or break a business. Therefore making sure that your businesses reputation is second to none should be at the top of your objectives.

How to achieve this:

-Excellent customer service

Make sure that your customers leave you feeling happy!

-Innovative products or services

Try and break the mould, provide products and services that customers can only get from you.

Use Social Media

Social media has now become a great means to grow your business and find new customers. There are thousands of different ways to do this but two of the most popular and effective social media sites that you should utilise are Facebook and Twitter. (Read how to use social media to grow a business here)

Create memorable video campaigns


Advertising has always been seen as one of the most effective ways to get more customers. However it is very expensive and can have poor results if not correctly carried out. You need to consider what methods of advertisement will best suit your business.

Advertising ideas:

-PPC advertisement (Pay per click advertisment)

-Local advertisement (If your a small business consider renting a bill board in your area of residence to drive local customers to your business)

-Television campaign (very expensive but can lead to exceptional results very quickly)

-Youtube and Vimeo campaign (A cheaper option for smaller businesses)

-Flyers (Try to be creative in your design and message, flyers can be seen as a form of junk mail and could damage your businesses reputation if they are not carefully designed)

-Magazine adverts (Pick specific magazines that you feel is your target market is most suited)

-Positive Public Relations (Do something for the community in which your business is based and get free advertisement by press coverage)

-Mail campaigns (Create a mail list that you can use to entice customers in taking up new offers available- again do not abuse their trust as you could lose customers)


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    • nightnight profile image

      nightnight 5 years ago from UK

      @Scottye Davis: Thanks, glad you found it useful!

      @CloudExplorer: Thats alright! Thanks for visiting mine :) Sure it was actually one of my first ones, look at my how you can use social media to build your business hub, thats the one!

      I'm actually quite glad that they picked that one because I'm planning to start a small blog/website focussed around business and start ups. I'm going to continue writing on hub pages as well though. See you around :) Looking forward to reading your future hubs.

      Also a quick question…. I can see that your relatively new to hub pages, but you have published a far amount. How do you stay motivated and find the time? Thanks

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Good advice here for those trying to start out with business, and looking to grow using attraction and physical means of business minded influence. Cool hub!

      Thanks for visiting my hub recently, I cannot locate your Rising Star hub, I looked around, can you let me know the title to it, I'll return here to check it out later on if at all possible. Talk to ya soon Night.

    • Scottye Davis profile image

      Scottye Davis 5 years ago

      Good Advice, voted up!