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How to get promoted fast in the Marine Corps

Updated on January 8, 2011

How promotion works (for enlisted)

 When you join the Marine Corps you start out as a private. You will get promoted to the next rank (PFC) in 6 months. Once you are promoted to PFC, 9 months later you will be promoted to LCPL. Being promoted because of time is called time in grade. The only way to get promoted faster than waiting the amount of time is to go on a promotional board and win it. Once you become a Lance Cpl you will obtain a score in 9 months. Your score is computed based on Pros and Cons (job proficiency and conduct), rifle score, swim qualification, PFT/CFT score, and time in grade.

For a promotional board they look at things that you accomplish on your own that set you apart from your competition.

Tips to get promoted faster

 Having a good work ethic, being proficient at your job, and behaving yourself both on and off duty will improve your pros and cons.

Having a high PFT/CFT score will give you more points for promotion and look better on a board.

Rifle range score will give you more points for your score.

Pistol qual will help you on a promotional board.

Recruiting people into the Marine Corps while your on recruiters assistance will give you more points for promotion.

Doing MCIs (Marine Corps Institute) classes/books will give you extra points.

Time in grade will give you more points.

Having some college completed will help you on a board.

Doing community service will help you on a board.

Doing recruiting duty gives you extra points.

Being a drill instructor gives you extra points.

Medals and awards help you on a board.

Deployments help you on a board.

Your uniform will be looked at on a promotional board.

You will be asked knowledge questions during a board. The more you know about the Marine corps the better.

Your belt level in Marine Corps Martial Arts (MCMAP) will help you on a board.

Special School and other IA billets will also help you on a board.



 Be a leader, do what your told, act the next rank, have a positive attitude, live what you do, and volunteer for everything and you should be fine.


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    • profile image

      Futamarka 4 years ago

      Строительная мобила (А3 ст. А500С 11.7м и немерной длины в ассортименте); А3 35ГС; А1; TopSape - это рейтинг вебмастеров, работающих с биржей ссылок SAPE. Так-как у самой сапы нет общедоступного топа (и скорее всего не будет), был создан неоффициальный топ, со свободной регистрацией участников. Зачем? Пиписьками Доходом мерится, разумеется :) В первую очередь рейтинг ориентирован на блоггеров-манимейкеров, которые пишут о заработке в интернете. Да, некоторые размещают финстрипы (бомжедвижение), но далеко не все, да и не очень наглядно. А тут сразу видно, кто из блоггеров реально работает и зарабатывает деньги, а кто пускает пыль в глаза. Именно поэтому он несет такой мотивирующий заряд для работы - не абстрактно "хорошо зарабатывает", а четко 17.000 рублей в день. Ну и плюс возможность посмотреть блог человека, который столько зарабатывает, и чему-то научиться, хотя все чаще ставят ссылки на коммерческие предложения или реф-ссылки.

    • SemperFitness profile image

      Dan 5 years ago from California

      Don't forget that about the contract PFC. If you have a certain amount of college credit, recruit some friends or are a boy scout, you can start your contract as a PFC. The second fastest way to start moving up is the meritorious promotions offered at boot camp to the Squad Leaders and Guides. Perform well and it's not impossible to be a Lance Criminal by the time you leave MCRD, but PFC is very attainable. Also most MOS schools offer a meritorious promotion for the Honor Graduate. Perform well on deployment and you might also be looking at a combat meritorious promotion. Most Marines also hate PME but it put you ahead. Corporal's Course and Sergeant's Course are very good. Don't forget about learning what a Fitness Report is and how it will affect you. If you want to make it past Sgt this is very important.

    • bensen32 profile image

      Thomas Bensen 5 years ago from Round Lake Park

      Very basic info but right on. That is exactly how it works in the Marines.

      Ok am I the only one lost on brandy's comment?

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I applaud all of you who choose to serve our country in uniform. This hub may be helpful for those thinking about joining, or those already in the service who wish to get promoted faster. Rating this useful. Again, thanks for your service!