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How to Grow Business With Influencer Marketing?

Updated on June 13, 2019
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We are Influencer on Demand. We had a dream of creating a space where influencers could be discovered more easily.

Grow business with influencer marketing

When it is come to grow your business in 2019, influencer marketing has to be your first choice. I know some of you might think WHY, why influencer marketing. Because Approximately 40% of marketers say they are now dedicating a budget for influencer marketing, and 80% report influencer marketing to be effective.

influencer on demand, how to grow your business with influencer
influencer on demand, how to grow your business with influencer | Source

What is influencer & Influencer Marketing?


At very basic, an Influencer is a person who has a large number of fans/followers on their social accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They have their specific niches like some are the influencer of the fitness industry or some are the influencer of the fashion industry. It simply means they are the boss of their area.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a process to identify, engage, and support the people who are going to help your business or brand to grow. Influencer marketing provides brands the potential to join their marketing, Public Reputation, sales, product and social media by strong and related relationship-based communication. Both the ROI and marketing potential of influencer marketing is enormous.

Why majority brands rely on influencer Market?

Today Most of the brands rely on influencer marketing. The main Reason is before the internet took over the market, “marketing” used to mean paying thousands and thousands of dollars on a productive team, communications team, and messaging. And that’s before the billboards, print ads important to make a brand in front of customer eyeballs.

But now all things have changed because of the internet, People starts spending too much time on the internet that is why brands and businesses have started spending more on internet marketing than traditional marketing. Because of all this internet marketing stuff influencer marketing came in the market. And when it comes to the modern generation, 40% of people say that their favorite YouTube or Instagram personality “knows them better than their friends.” AndIf you have an influence that has 40 million, 25 million, 10 million followers —that’s extra influential than any of the different traditional media outlets out there.

Some Points why you should choose influencer marketing

  • According to a report by 2020, influencer marketing is predicted to become a $10 billion industry.
  • 63% of brands plan to expand their budget for influencer marketing.
  • According to a report, top 25 YouTube stars make 3x more video views than traditional celebrities.
  • 93% of influencer marketing campaigns do Instagram.
  • Instagram influencer marketing is a $1.7 billion industry.
  • Over the past three years, Google searches for “influencer marketing” increased by 1,500%.

influencer on demand
influencer on demand | Source

Type of influencers

There are many types of influencer out there.

  • Nano-influencer –Who has 1k-10k followers

  • Micro-influencer – Who has 10k-50k followers

  • Mid-tier influencer – Who has 50k-100k followers

  • Macro-influencer – Who has 500k-1M Followers

  • Mega-influencer – Who has 1M-5M Followers

  • Celebrities – Who has 5M+ Followers

Although, there are many types of social media influencers out there, as I have mentioned earlier, for all kinds of niches. The ‘celebrity’ influencers – think PewDiePie or the biggest Instagram models – aren’t the right choice for small businesses. They tend to be very expensive. So small business owner should approach Micro or Mid-tier Influencer who won’t be pricey and also have a large audience to show your product.

How to find good influencer for your Business/Brand?

In Order to find a perfect influencer for your Business. You have to follow the following points:-

Know about your audience

Audiences are one of three foundations of each influencer marketing strategy. And this is where many businesses or brand works not right. They fail to ensure that their target audiences are the ones following a specific influencer.

Let’s take an example, let’s say you have a fashion brand. In order to sell your products, you choose to go with a fashion blogger. Do you believe you’ve got the right choice?

  • You have to realize that not all fashion blogger has an equal kind of target audience.
  • Some may target a modern audience or young audience.
  • Others may target moms or mature women.
  • So, what is it that you have to check for?

You have to ensure that your targeted audience is equal to that of your influencer’s. Finding the correct influencer for your business ensures that your product is going to show to related audiences who may be really interested.

influnecer on demand, how to grow your business with influencer
influnecer on demand, how to grow your business with influencer | Source

Know about your influencer

Now you understand the effect of influencer marketing, okay now look at how you need to assess your influencers. Evaluation is important or else you may end up with the incorrect influencers or even fake ones. Here are some things that you must apply when finding influencers for your business/brand.

Influencer reach

Influencer reach simply means that the total amount of followers an influencer has on social media or their blogs. You have to ensure that your influencer has a nice following on their social media where you want to run your campaign.

Influencer engagement

Maybe, even more, essential than the reach, is the engagement rates of an influencer. Why? Because it is a sign of how many of their followers are really engaged in their content.

It is truly a means of how much your influencer is able to influence their buying choices. A current research discovered that Instagram influencers with 1K to 5K followers have higher engagement than bigger influencers.

Influencer niche

Discover influencers whose niche follows with your business, products. Let’s take an example, if you produce accessories for traveling, find influencers from the travel niche. Relevancy is essential when it comes to choosing the destiny of your influencer campaigns.

Where to find the influencer?

When it comes to finding the right influencer for your business or brand. The influencer marketing platforms can help you get influencers who are correct for your business or brands fast and easily. They let you explore their databases of influencers and filter by engagement, category, reach, social platforms, and many more.

List of some best Influencer Marketing places:-


influencer on demand, how to grow your business with influencer
influencer on demand, how to grow your business with influencer | Source


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