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How to grow in the company you work for

Updated on May 18, 2013

Better use of your time

Reassess your steps, as you are using your time in the company and how you use your time during the workday. Be honest with yourself. Answer the following questions:

-The Activities that I realize are really important?

- How long I take to snack?

- How much time spent accessing the internet?

- Do I answer emails promptly?

- Do I interact with my coworkers?

- Do I Formalize my ideas for company growth?

- Do I expose my ideas in a professional manner?

- Do I keep my schedule?

There are many other questions of personal evaluation you can do to assess your professional behavior. At the end of this review you'll be able to figure out why you have not been promoted.

Professional Mediocrity

This is becoming common in the professional world, people who work for the money and do not care about your professional image. These people will never be more than attendants convenience stores or even less than that.

The first tip is: Never work in a place that you hate just for the money. If one day you do not have an alternative, work, but in your spare time, look for another job. If you live with your parents and have the opportunity to use your free time to study, do so. Study something you enjoy and look for an internship or something you can earn some more money.

The Second tip: If you already work with what you like, but you are not an exemplary professional just because your salary is not enough for the amount of tasks that you do. Stop it right now. What boss would give greater responsibilities to mediocre employees? I believe none. Stop acting like that, you have to start to arrive earlier than everybody else, stay later that all and end all your activities before the deadline. So your boss will see that you are able to get more activities. Soon, it will create confidence in you and will give you more and more activities and RESPONSIBILITIES.

Do not be a mediocre professional

After answering all the questions above. You can assess what is wrong. What you do not like on your boss and what can be improved so that you have more success in the company you work for.

If you are a person who does not like receiving order or meet schedules, you will have to revise your concepts. Unfortunately, when we are working for a company with rules relating to the schedules we need to follow these rules. And do not tell me that rules were made to be broken, in which case you will get hurt.

  • Be different from everyone. Have good manners, be friends with everyone. Be that person that everyone wants to be around. This helps a lot in the evaluation with your boss. Help your colleagues if they need, but never forget to complete your activities before, so you do not get into trouble.
  • Use your expertise to help solve minor problems apparent. Give your opinion to your boss during lunch or during a coffee break, in an informal way, but remember not to be nosy. If the problem is 'confidential' does not go into detail, so your boss will not think you're snooping confidential company information.
  • Offer stay late and help your boss finalizing reports or other activity. This usually pleases the bosses, they feel confidence in you and know they can count on you when they need to, but be careful it does not become routine and you end up losing important moments with your family. We all need rest.
  • If you make a mistake, be humble, do not put blame on someone else, even if it is someone else's fault. Assume the error, apologize and show a solution immediately. Show that you are able to solve problems that are not even yours. So, you show that you are able to manage difficult situations and that soon you will become a boss within the company.

Every success in your career is up to you. Nobody will give you a head just because you feel you deserve. Show that you are able. Success!

Steve Jobs explains the rules for success


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