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How to have a successful Automotive Repair Business strategies

Updated on June 24, 2010

Is your Repair Shop Failing?

    Are you ready to throw in the towel?Is business slow?Do you want to learn how not to go out of business?

  Are you ready to develop a strategy that will increase your revenue?Are you ready to build a fast-paced Auto Repair shop?Do you want to learn how to increase business?

Don't give up turn your failing shop around

My sister and her husband own a chain of Test Only Smog Stations and an Auto Repair Shop.Even though they have several shops that are ethical and honest they had been still struggling to not throw in the towel.

One day my sister said that they may be going out of business.That they did not know how to out do competition.I suggested a few Marketing strategies to prevent them from going under.I stated to her that they needed a competitive advantage to increase customer return.

I came up with marketing strategies to help them to out do competition.When starting a new business most shops can not afford to hire another employee.The solution is to hire a non-paid employee.Yeah right! It would be nice to have an employee who could do the oil changes,R&R work,Tire rotations,Transmission Servicing etc,All the dirty work that you may not have time to do because you have bigger fish to fry.But, you need the business and you definitely do not want the customer to wait or lose their business for something that is simple and a quick job.A simple solution that will be a win-win situation.


Local colleges private and community are always looking for Repair shops that will offer internships for their students.An internship is a non-paid position that benefits the business owner and the intern.You keep the money they generate for their work,and they gain the required experience hours that they need to receive their degree.Its easy to develop I an agreement with the local colleges. Contact the colleges in your area for more information about how to begin this process to start saving by having an intern.

Direct Competition

Are there lots of competition and business is slow?Nowadays there are Repair shops everywhere large chains such as AAMCO,MIDAS,PEPBOYS,FIRESTONE,SEARS, etc.Even small businesses have a direct effect on your money flow!!How to keep from going out of business?


You have to increase customer satisfaction andrecommendations to others.How do you get a customer to recommend you with enthusiasm? Referral cards!!!What are those you are saying to yourself.Well, instead of plain business cards you make a referral card for the customer to hand out to people they know.The basic idea of this is when a customer has whatever they have done at your shop you give them these specialty cards that can have a template that fits your business.

For example:Mr.Jones comes in for a Brake job.You write-up the RO (tip your RO's should have a place for the customer to put their e-mail address for several purposes that can be used for marketing)be sure that you mention to Mr.Jones that you have a policy here in your shop to show that you appreciate their business.Mr.Jones,we have a shop policy to show our appreciation to our customers here is 5 referral cards that have the RO # that is here in the corner of your copy.The # recorded is a tracking # when a person comes in with this card we will record it in you file and when all 5 are accounted for we will e-mail you to notify you that you have earned a free oil change. (or any other type of service you want to offer as a reward)

E-mails are not only important for this type of notification,but also to remind them that it is time for their whatever type of service that needs to be done every so many miles.Make sure you tell the customer that you will not use the e-mail for any other purpose but to notify them that they have become eligible for their referral reward and service reminders, promotions,due for whatever type of service.

Family Services Packages:

Most households that service their vehicles on a regular basis own two vehicles maybe three if they have children who are of legal age to drive.This type of package would offer families discounts on vehicles that are registered to the same address a discount.You could offer basic packaging or Premium service packages.Pay full price for 1 vehicle and up to 25% off the 2nd vehicle discount only applies to same service as vehicle #1.For households with more than 2 vehicles you could offer 5% for 2nd vehicle and 10% for the 3rd vehicle.or pay full price for the 1st 2 and the third 20% off.When promoting this service make sure that all terms and conditions are made available and request registration for all vehicles and record information for future use.

Competition doesn't always have to be a threat if you go after the business by offering sweeter deals and incentive to customers to remember that your shop offers a deal that they cant resist and will tell others about.These types of marketing strategies don't advertise themselves.In order to get the word out you will have to invest what ever you our willing to spend it is needed to generate that income.These ideas pay off sometimes fast and sometimes slow.The key is to not give up keep pushing forward be willing to look at the bigger picture and wallet!!!!


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      Santa Maria Auto Repair 4 years ago

      Just to comment about gathering e-mails from customers, it can be very difficult to stay focused on this task if you're not used to doing it. Some employees are even a little uneasy about asking for a customer's e-mail simply because some customers will be afraid of getting spammed. Offering some type of incentive to an employee for collecting a certain number of e-mails has really worked for us. Collecting just a few e-mails per day can really make a difference in your e-mail marketing program over the long term.

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      MEDINA'S TIRE 2 years ago



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