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Understand others by understanding color personalities

Updated on July 18, 2014

Improve the quality of life

How can you improve the quality of your life if you and your loved one keep arguing? Or how can you increase the productivity at work and increase your sales if you are already doing your best? You probably ask yourself how those two questions relate to each other. Well, they actually don't. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common.

Whenever we communicate we are faced with hurdles. These hurdles are the characteristical strengths and weaknesses of those people we are trying to communicate with. These specific strengths and weaknesses have been categorized into four different colors. That is why they are referred to color personalities.

Understanding color personalities can improve the quality of your life tremendously by reducing conflicts at home and at work. As a matter of fact, many businesses especially network marketing companies are now offering classes to understand and learn the different characteristics of the four color personalities to improve communications skills.

Understanding color personalities

Understanding color personalities is really not that hard once you know all the individual strengsths and weaknesses. Nobody has characteristics of just one color. But if we learn our partner's, co-workers or friend's main color and understand its characteristics our communication will become much more effective.

The original four colors were red, blue, yellow and green. In the recent years I have seen them changed to red, orange, yellow and blue. It doesn't matter though what color you are because it is the individual characteristics that matter.

The Red Type

A red person can be very successful at what he or she is doing because red people only look straight ahead. They usually don't look to the side meaning that they don't allow themselves to be sidetracked. They are impatient people though. They want it and they want it now. They can be somewhat superficial people too paying great attention to materialism. They have a short attention span and might not pay you full attention all the time.

The Blue Type

A blue person is very sincere and responsible. They can be quite emotional and even sentimental. They do have a positive outlook on life though. It is easy to communicate with a blue person because he or she will show compassion. A blue person is also very people oriented. Nevertheless, they don't like to be the center of attention and like to stay in the background. They are very approachable and friendly. They like gaining wisdom and can communicate quite well in the areas of interest. A blue person tends to be very careful and worries a lot. They are often the initiator of arguments.

The Yellow Type

Yellow personalities are cheerful but also very critical of themselves. They are impulsive and make quick decisions, sometimes too quick. Yellow personalities usually don't have a large amount of friends as they choose their friends very carefully but usually gain friendships that last almost a lifetime. A yellow personality can make easy money but it can be spent just as fast. They can be stubborn and overanalytical.

The Green Type

A green person is usually very analytical. They tend to be perfectionists and think they always have to be right. Communicating with a green person isn't always the easiest task because they need lots of information before making a decision. Because they have that feeling of always needing to be right it can become quite difficult to prove the opposite.

Color Personality Test

Take a quick test which will reveal your color personality and ask your loved one to take the test as well to better understand his or herstrengths and weaknesses. Improve the quality of your life by understanding color personalities. The test is just a quick assessment. For more in debt analysis I recommend reading the book outlined above or participate in a color personality course.


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