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How to increase productivity in manufacturing units

Updated on January 30, 2010

Any Manufacturing unit has production as its core activity .Products are manufactured with the help of labour and machines .Manufacturers can increase the output through various method without putting any investment in the production setup .

Productivity can be defined as standard output per hour of labour . Another term is used to define productivity and is called multifactor productivity which encompasses all other factor such as capital , machine and labour .

Following are few basic steps to increase the productivity


Standard work procedures

The handling of product and raw material shoudl be reduced to minimum by either putting of
conveyors or automatic transfer to the machine .

To have minimum movement of manpower for getting material , tools and shifting .

To have defective and rework as it is nothing but pure waste . The first step towards
elimination is to adopt standards like ISO -9000 & GMP or in house standards.

Study the positions of worker while working and eliminate those position were worker feel
uncomfortable or experience stress while working .This would help in better productivity .


Reduce changeover time for machines

Autonomous maintenance of Machine

Preventive Maintenance

Machine layouts to be straight paths without twist and turns

There are many more methods which can be found on


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