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How to Increase Your Business With Email Marketing

Updated on April 24, 2017

Email Is An Excellent Business Tool

Email is a powerful business tool. It enables you to reach your customer or prospective customer very effectively. This is the reason why email marketing is in integral part of the overall business strategy of many leading businesses worldwide.

The success of any email marketing campaign depends on various factors. Here is a brief overview of some of them.

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Email Subject Line: How to Write Email Subject Lines That Work

Email subject lines are the gatekeepers of your email marketing campaign. They should be integral to your email marketing strategy. Your subject line makes a lot of difference to your email marketing campaign. Reading your subject line, the receiver may open the mail, delete it, or mark it as spam. That is the reason why experts recommend that you spend twice as much time reviewing your subject line compared with reviewing the body of your email.

It is important to be creative while creating content for your email campaign. However, it is also very important to earn trust from your audience first. Otherwise your creative email may be marked as spam. It is advisable to be specific and clear while writing your subject line.

In order to create trust, you need to send useful and timely emails to your audience. Your audience should recognize you. It is advisable to use the same sender name on all your emails. Once your audience sees value in your emails, and develops trust in you, your job is done.

Your subject line should appeal to your audience. It should speak their language. It is a good idea to split test your subject lines. Never assume anything. Keep testing. The field is dynamic. It is always a good idea to be honest with your offer. Being upfront and honest will pay in the long run. This approach will get you repeat business and referrals.

Experts believe that word choice in email subject lines have a strong effect on response rates. It is advisable to use keywords like sale, free delivery, % off, news, bulletin, video, monthly, weekly and daily. They seem to have a huge positive impact on response rate.

Personalize as far as possible. But you need to ensure that the entire offer is personalized, not just the subject line. It is very important to align your subject line copy and email copy. Successful email marketers build a momentum. They always think long term. It is advisable to use actionable language.

How to Create a Compelling Email Copy

After reading your subject line, your reader will focus on the body of the email. Your message should be such that it should prompt your reader to act like how you want them to act.

It is very important to establish relevancy. Personalization is one of the proven ways of establishing relevancy. Personalization is not just including the name of your recipient. You need to ensure that the content is relevant to your recipient.

One option is to begin the message by referring to a previous action taken by your recipient. Then you may continue to guide the recipient through the next logical steps. If your recipient has purchased something from you, you may check if he/she is satisfied with the product/service. It is advisable to write in the second person.

The golden rule of marketing “talk about benefits, not features”, applies to email marketing also. Most of your recipients are not interested in your technical competence. They are keen to know how your offer helps them.

Your primary focus should be to explain the value of your offer to your recipients. Tell them specific benefits, tell them how they can save money, or increase business, or save time; that is what they require.

While doing all this it is important to be brief. Do not shove the entire story into the email message. Very few people will have that kind of time. It is advisable to summarize the benefits in a compelling way. Direct them to a specific page on your website for more information. Keep your message on point.

It is advisable to have a call to action in your message. A good email message should have a call to action that is easy to identify. Ensure that your call to action button is prominent in the message. It should stand out. Use a different color. The language in your call to action button should be clear and action oriented. While doing all these ensure that there are no grammar and spelling errors.

It is a good idea to include video in your emails. Videos are immensely popular online. Video views are growing at an annual rate of more than 20 percent. It is very important to optimize your email for mobile.

Connect your social and email marketing. This can be done by including social share links in your email. Entice your readers to share your content. You may use interesting statistics, coupons, etc to achieve this endeavor.

You may consider sharing your social media content on your emails. Also encourage your friends and followers on various social media sites to subscribe to your list. Track social engagement.

Use Social Media in Your Email Campaigns

Make the Most of the Latest Technology

Many email marketing tools are available today, thanks to technological advancements in the field. Email marketing companies worldwide offer various email marketing services. Here is a brief overview of some robust email marketing tools that are immensely popular among successful entrepreneurs.


iContact offers many features. This email marketing software is user friendly and helps you to grow your client list. Its wide range of templates gives you an edge over your competitors. Many users of this amazing tool have increased their business.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark email is ideal for beginners. It is well known for its easy-to-use interface. With the help of this tool, you can integrate surveys, coupons and newsletters into your campaign with minimum effort.

Constant Contact

Constant contact enables you to incorporate social media elements into your email campaign. It offers many amazing templates that are easy to customize. This tool really makes it possible to maintain constant contact with your audience.


This email marketing software is well-known for its customization options and split-testing feature. The split-testing feature makes it possible for you to know what work and what does not. The tool enables you to send effective messages to your audience.


GetResponse is ideal for beginners. Its step by step email creation wizard helps you immensely if you are creating your first campaign. The tool also enables you import contact list from a wide range of other programs. This saves lot of time.


Mailigen enables you to create email campaigns like a thorough professional, even if you are a beginner. It offers many options to import contacts. Initial set up is a cake walk with this tool.

Vertical Response

Vertical response enables you to incorporate social media tools into your email marketing campaign. This robust tool is well-known for its reporting tools. Vertical Response enables you to have very good control over your email marketing campaign.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi can be integrated with many other applications. It allows you to unleash your creativity. This mass email software is well-known for its ultra-modern design. It is an excellent tool if you are looking to create compelling campaigns.


GraphicMail is an excellent tool to create mobile email campaign. Its robust tools enable you to create compelling emails. In fact it has all the features that you would expect from an email marketing software.


Campaigner is well-known for customization options. Your may use your own HTML code, or use a ready-made template, or a combination of both. This tool suits businesses of all sizes.

Measure ROI

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How to Measure ROI on Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Successful entrepreneurs have very good control over their business. They have clear idea about ROI (return on investment). Most of the people fail in business due to lack of control. If you have a business, you need to know what is going on at any moment in time.

Since your email marketing campaign is very much part of your business, you need to know how to measure ROI. The ROI is usually measured in profits or revenues. You need to calculate all your investments on your campaign and compare them with returns.

The first step is to calculate the cost of email. This should include the time to create the email and all the other costs. Then identify the number of sales generated from the email campaign. Then calculate the average revenue per sale. You will know the profit margin and the profit. ROI will be the difference between the profit and the cost divided by the cost.

Revenue is usually measured by the number of sales (online and offline) that are generated due to the email campaign. The challenge is to connect the campaign and the sales.

Tying online sales to your email campaign can be achieved by adding tracking links to your email campaigns. When people click on the links and reach your site, you will be able to monitor the actions they take on the site. It is advisable to use Google URL Builder (which ties into Google Analytics) for this purpose.

Tying offline sales to your email campaign takes a little more effort. It is advisable to differentiate your emails from other marketing channels. One way of doing it is to include a unique code in your emails.

Your subscribers need to use this code to redeem the offer that you would have sent in your email marketing campaign. You need to keep a track of codes that are being redeemed. Most effective way of doing this is to keep all the customers’ receipts in a folder. At the end of the campaign, you can use these to calculate the ROI.

Another way is to ask your subscribers to bring a copy of the email to the store to redeem the offer. Keep a copy of these emails and compare them with receipts. You may also allow them to save the offer on their smartphone. Keep a track of all the customers by their name and phone number. Keep a copy of the receipts. They help you in calculating the ROI.

By incorporating the above mentioned email marketing tips into your marketing campaigns, you will be able to take your business to the next level.


  • Email marketing strategy is an important part of any marketing strategy.
  • Email is a powerful business tool.
  • Send useful and timely emails to your audience.
  • The golden rule of marketing “talk about benefits, not features”, applies very much to email marketing.
  • Constant Contact enables you to incorporate social media elements into your email campaign.

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A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.

— Ramsay Leimenstoll


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