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How to attract targeted leads and make sales on twitter

Updated on July 4, 2013

Increase Twitter Followers for business and sales

Twitter is a highly engaging and interactive online social network with millions of users coming to share information or search for new, interesting information not readily available from other sources of information. It’s also a place to network where people come to search for and meet people with similar interests as theirs. It is characterized by use of short messages called tweets comprising of a maximum of 140 characters.

What is an audience?

It is a group of people who give their attention to a particular platform (medium of expression) for a particular reason. For instance people who want to win prizes or get discounts will participate in a game show or try to win deals on a platform that promotes prize winning games or offers great deals for consumers.

How to monetize an audience?

Businesses can’t sell without exposure. They want their target market to hear and see them. So an audience that is relevant to specific products and services would naturally appeal to businesses offering such products and services. The businesses will pay for slots/time to be seen by the audience as a way of making them know about the existence of their products/services as well as procedure to purchase and location/address.

How can you continually increase your audience?

Your audience will grow if it consists of people who are specifically looking for what you offer. So stick to your guns, offer only information that aligns with your mission and meets the need of your target audience.

Why people follow and unfollow tweeps

People follow tweeps who have similar interests with them or who offer the kind of value they want. For those who follow for the sake of it, they aren’t serious tweeps and shouldn’t be followed except if they’re offering something valuable or are similar to you in terms of shared interests. People unfollow tweeps that are lousy, boring, uninspiring or inactive.

What do people want on twitter?

  • To get new general information (news, facts, general knowledge)
  • To get specialized info (job vacancies, inspiring quotes, facts, tips)
  • Meet new, interesting people (Networking)
  • To engage others (chat, discuss etc).
  • To reach a particular audience (Marketing)
  • To build an audience (Branding)

How can a brand succeed on twitter?

To succeed as a brand on twitter by selling or gaining attention for what you do you have to focus on building the right audience and engaging effectively with that audience through conversations. The audience through word of mouth (retweets or enquiries/mentions) will spread word about you on twitter which in turn will attract more followers and increase your audience.

How to get more People to see your handle

Participating in relevant Trends, getting as many retweets and mentions as possible but also engaging actively with your audience and with people you’re following.

Characteristics of information that draws new followers

  • It is interesting (rare, valuable, relevant, shocking, amusing, will attract and keep attention). Interesting information provokes emotions. Interesting information should make the receivers feel something e.g privilege/special, gaining/avoiding loss, surprise them, make them laugh and should be eye catching statement.
  • It is new. (It’s usually the first of its kind rather than second or third sources). Repeated information becomes boring and uninspiring making tweeps ignore your tweet or unwilling to share it with others.
  • It isn’t widespread. Very few people or no other person has that information


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