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How to introduce yourself to an unknown person or persons

Updated on June 18, 2011

Everyday, we have to meet people both known and unknown. For known person, it's very easy to introduce ourselves. But if the person is totally unknown then it's a bit difficult to introduce with himself or herself. In this page some techniques will be discussed to introduce yourself to an unknown person:

Step 1: Short greeting

It's a good habit to say a short greeting like "Good Morning" or "Good Evening" or you may use your regional greetings. It make s both the persons a little refreshment to introduce both of them and makes a comfortable environment.

Step 2: Introducing Your Name

At first, tell him or her politely, your name. You should always tell both of your first name and last names.

Don't do: Never tell your short name or nick name unless he/she wants to know that.

Step 3: Use the person's title :

Some people use title before his or her name. Always use the title at first introduction. Suppose, you are meeting a person whose name is "Dr. XYZ". In such environment you must use the title "Dr."  Don't do: If the person is using title, then if you don't use then it means you are are neglecting his respect. So, don't avoid the title.

Step 4: Talk with ease with renowned person :

The person whom you are meeting may be a doctor or engineer etc. If he or she is doctor then you may start talking such as, "Dr., ..(your words)...".

Step 5: Show respect to all:

If the person is very younger than your age, don't neglect him or her. You must show enough respect because that person is totally unknown to you.

Step 6: Become more friendly

After both the parties introduction, start talking with friendly. Continue, until you both have finished. During this conversation process, remember: 

Don't do: Avoid using rough words or sentences. Don't discuss the topics which anyone feel uncomfortable.

Step 7: Conclude yourself

It's also an important thing to say good bye in a polite way. Here, you go in your own way. 

Note: Sometimes it may happen that there are other persons with you. In that case, you must introduce your partner with him/her about your partner in the same way.  Moreover, if the person to whom you are meeting, may have partners with him/her. In that case, you must also show respects with his or her partners.    All these are the best way to meet and introduce with any unknown person or persons. Hope, you enjoy the tips...   © Written by rancidTaste.


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