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How to invest in OLEDs? Why OLEDs is the next big investment option in future?

Updated on August 10, 2017

What are OLEDs (Organic Light emitting Diode)

OLEDs have suddenly become the big talk of investment experts. Let’s see why.. OLEDS (Organic light diodes) is a lighter, thinner, energy efficient technology solution that will form the backbone of future display systems. Unlike conventional LEDS, OLEDs are made using organic compounds. Further, OLEDs are so small that they can be used as individual pixels, millions of which occupy our TV or PC screen. OLEDs can be used to make mobile phones whose display panels are flexible.

AMOLED is an OLED based display technology employing an active matrix of OLEDs. It is used in TVs, laptops and smart phones

Why invest in OLEDs?

Companies like LG, Sony and Samsung have already started manufacturing OLED TVs and smart phones.

In future, more devices will be based on OLEDs. The OLED market is expected to reach more than $40 billion by 2020. LG has already decided to invest $13 billion over the next three years in OLEDs and Apple has decided to invest $2.7 billion in OLED manufacturing.

Apart from this, many other companies are involved in the below areas associated with OLEDs:

  • Research/IP (intellectual property) companies trying to obtain patents relating to OLED technology and related inventions
  • Panel makers
  • Companies reselling OLEDs
  • Marketing and distribution agencies

As the market value of OLEDs is going to increase exponentially in future, investing in OLED related companies will pay great returns in future.

Which companies to invest?

Investing in the below companies is a good option for long term investment as they are involved in large scale cutting edge manufacturing of OLEDs. As the market booms, share value of these companies will rise exponentially

Samsung Mobile Displays (SMD)

SMD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung. Samsung is presently the largest manufacturer of AMOLED displays. Samsung is producing both AMOLED and PMOLED displays. SMD currently lists on the Korean stock exchange

LG Display

LG is a big competitor of Samsung when it comes to manufacturing OLED devices, especially smart phones. LG is currently focusing on Flexible OLEDs for smartphones. With Apple’s $2.7 billion in LG’s OLED manufacturing plant, stocks of LG are sure to see an upward growth

Universal Display Corporation (UDC)

UDC is a research company which holds many patents related to OLEDs. It issues licenses for its OLED IP to companies such as Samsung and Minolta. In fact, most AMOLEDs in the market use UDC’s technology. UDC currently trades on the NASDAQ exchange

General electric

GE is a US based company which manufactures a variety of industrial appliances including automobile, locomotives, turbines etc. GE is also a leader in OLED lighting. GE currently trades on the Newyork stock exchange NYSE


Philips is Europe’s largest electronic corporation. Philips has been a market leader in Lighting solutions for a long time and has ventured in OLED lighting as well. Philips trades on both Euronext and NYSE exchanges


Aixtron is an asian company that provides equipment and accessories to semiconductor and LED manufacturers. Their products are used by a number of electronic companies and include organic semiconductor materials.


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