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How to keep your cleaning service customer for a long time to come?

Updated on October 28, 2010

How to keep your cleaning service customer for a long time

How to win a customer and keep them for a long time.

1: Do a good job every time as though it is a first time cleaning.

2: Keep your customer happy by: If it is within your contract or even if it is not part of the contract, but something that is easily can be done, just go ahead and do it.  Be pleasant, be courteous, be prompt, always answer your phone or return phone calls quickly.

Do not ever, not show for a scheduled cleaning without a phone call.  Be professional in your appearance, conduct, speech and your dealings with your customer.

3: Communicate freely with your customer, if there are any problems either doing the cleaning, or with the facility, etc.  Remember, to keep your customer it might take more than just simply doing a good job every time.

You might have to build a relationship with your customer. Your good service can be easily replaced by someone who offers a better price, if you do not have a good relationship with your customer. 

Chat with you customer once in a while. Remember their anniversaries or special events, and if you can, do something (even if it is small, such as getting a card, or a gift (if it is allowed,)) and etc.

Is it time to ask for a raise?  You had this contract for many years and you feel that the contract price is too low. It is time to ask for a new contract with a higher contract pricing. However, make sure that you are providing an excellent service first before asking for a raise.

4: Happy customers will want to keep you as long as you provide good service.

5: Happy customers will also refer you to their friends, associates, etc.

6: Always ask for a written reference letter for future business.

7:Your company has grown and you have many locations with locations Supervisors?

Each location Supervisors must receive on going reminder or training session on "Customer Care Program" and in turn train or remind each location employees the importance of customer relations.  Even if they do not speak English well to communicate, they need to be trained on cleaning methods, principles, rules, safety issues, and importantly on the matters of customer relationships and what roles they play as representing your company. Remember it is a team work !

Everyone is involved, from your office staff, delivery person, location supervisor and employees at the cleaning locations and etc. If team works together well, then company runs well and prosper, if not company can suffer and lose money and customers.

Note: Do you know why most companies change their cleaning contractors?

Reasons: #1: Unsatisfactory cleaning jobs.

Reasons: #2: They do no like the workers used at the location.

Reasons: #3: Thief or missing items.

Reasons: #4: Price.

Remember, it is difficult to find a customer, but it is easy to lose one very fast!

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