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How to have a job which revolves around your life instead of the other way around

Updated on November 7, 2014
Spending time with your family
Spending time with your family | Source

Work Council Co-Determination Rights: This right works between the employer and the employees and while it covers the areas of health and safety at work and voluntary and obligatory procedures at work it also looks at other areas.

Factors such as personnel selection procedures, performance appraisal and training are also factored into this right.

This right is used to determine, the rights, working schedules, ways of monitoring employees performance and determining remuneration rates. The employer cannot take any action without consulting the work council.

To establish a council their must be at least 5 employees in an organisation.

These people don't expect their life to revolve around their job. They like to spend time hanging out with their friends, have dinner with their family and even take up a hobby.

Having a job is an important part of our life but do we get lost in the daily grind of 9 to 5 and not realise that there is more to life than work. Does anyone now spend time just living? Do we just think that we should get a job, earn a wage, pay the bills and then retire?

Many times life is over before one realises it and not stopping to take time out when you can means you can lose out on all the fun things that are happening along the way.

A 2012 study of the generation by Griffith Insurance Education Foundation discovered that millennials will sacrifice pay for increased vacation time and the ability to work outside the office.

(Goudreau, K., 2013)

Millennial Workers : workers who want to achieve all they can in their career but not at the sacrifice of their personal life. They want to have a balance between work and home life.

Working In Your Job

Living to work, spending all your time at work
Living to work, spending all your time at work | Source

Employee in Turkey work the longest hours in a work week and are closely followed by employees in Mexico.

People spend more than 1/10 to 1/5 of their time doing unpaid task in their job.

(Oecd, 2012).

Finding a balance between the two can be difficult.

Ensuring that your work life doesn't suffer because of your personal life and vise versa can be like balancing balls.

If you don't know how to do it, they will all collapse.

If more and more people especially parents find it hard to balance out their family life commitment with their work life then something is going to suffer.

Having to choose between your job and family usually means that at the end of the day, the family will be the ones who suffer.

If organisations could find ways that were beneficial to them but also equally beneficial to their employees to help balance work and home life, the workplace could have a lot less absenteeism and a lot less stressed out employees in their midst.

Taking Time Out to Enjoy Life
Taking Time Out to Enjoy Life | Source

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."

(Barack Obama).

Yamaha have introduced initiatives in their organisation to help support family and work life.

In 1990 they introduced Childcare leave and then in 1992 they introduced Nursing care leave.

Yamaha are all about finding a balance between work and life and encourage employees to take their holidays and re-evaluate their work schedules.

-Yamaha, 2012 -

Ways To Stay Balance

There are a few techniques that organisations could adopt which might help the overall employee moral in the organisation.

Some factors that an organsiation could adopt are as follows:

1. Flexible Job Schedule

2. Flexi-Time

3. Annual Hours

4. Job sharing

Spending Time With Your Family

Spend time with your kids
Spend time with your kids | Source

Flexible Job Schedule

Certain organisations need to have flexible working hours to keep them operational. With flexible working hours, organisations can call on employees when they need them.

Employees will then only work a certain amount of hours a week. They don't have to the the same 9 - 5 job, day in day out. A lot of service providers like bars and restaurants would adopt policies like this.

If organisations adopt a good policy that allows the employees to have flexible job schedules, then the employee will have a better chance to balance out between these two areas.

Employees who have other responsibilities outside work can then work their life schedule around their job schedule. For instance parents might have to pick children up from school. Other employees might be a carer for a family member.

So having flexible work schedules not only gets the work done but also keeps everyone happy.

2 out of 5 Americans say they feel stressed out or tensed during the work day.

(American Psychological Survey, March 2012).

Flexi Time

This type of work schedule requires employees to be at work during the busiest time of the day but for any other period of time they can choose the working hours.

Employees can work the hours they want so if someone wanted like 11 to 3 or 5 to 7. However the specific hours would have to be hours suited the working hours of the organisation. The employee would complete the same work but not in the normal working day schedule.

Flexi-time could help reduce lateness and help organisations with absenteeism in the workplace due to home and work life conflicts.

For flexi-time to be beneficial to both the employer and the employee a buddy system should be put in place. So if two employees work together on that schedule, if somethings comes up, the other is in place to help out. This also has the added advantage of having over someone around during vacation time.

When establishing this type of schedule they should be accounting hours determine. i.e how man hours a week they will work.

Spending all your time at your office
Spending all your time at your office | Source

Annual Hours

This type of schedule allows an employer to look at the busiest times in his or her organisation and determine a schedule which will benefit them and their employees.

At the end of the day, the employee will only work during the times that the organisation is the busiest. Obviously the type of industry will be a factor in setting this type of schedule.

So employer, unions and employees need to come up with a schedule which suits all of them. Once the employer determines a pattern and see which days or months are the busiest, they then talk to the employee and find out who would like to work the different shifts.

The positive thing about this is that employees will rarely be required to stay on and do overtime. What happens is that the weekly working hours can be reduced. However, the employee will find that they will have a better balance in their life between the two.

Motorola offer part time, job sharing and shift arrangements to their employees.

Along with that they also offer dependency leave and have an employee assistance programs in place in the organisation.

Enjoying your free time
Enjoying your free time | Source

Job Sharing

When two people have one goal and that is to have a job but also live their life, then job sharing can help them achieve that. Instead of one person doing the job 40 hours a week, two people do the job for 20 hours a week each.

The benefit, well both employees get to have time outside their job to do other things.

Job sharing means that both parties must trust and communicate with each other. They both must ensure that they both know what the other is doing.

This means that the employer can at any time go to one of them and they will know what the other was doing the day they were in.

While job sharing might be more popular among those with family and outside responsibilities it's shouldn't be frowned upon. While it might reduce the wage at the end of the week, it also reduces the working hours which means more time is available to do things outside work.

Do you take time out for yourself?

See results

Live Your Life

Life passes by so quickly and ensuring that you enjoy everything that happens along the way is important.

Who wants to spend their life just working all the time. Now organisations are offering employees a chance to have a balance in life between work responsibilities and home life. While they want them to work equally hard for them, they also don't want them to sacrifice their life either.

They realise that to reduce absenteeism, stress and employee turnover that they need to offer alternative schedules and look after the health and wellbeing of all their employees.


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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 4 years ago from Ireland

      @ Eiddwen, thanks for your comment. Hope to get more active this summer. :)

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      A wonderful read and full of great points;I now look forward to many more by you.


    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 4 years ago from Ireland

      @ ChitrangadaSharon, thank you for your comment. I think your right, we do lose sight of the important things and life is now so much more stressful.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Very well done!

      It is true, that there should be a fine balance between work and home life.

      In today's world, there is lot of stress, compared to earlier times. It is increasingly difficult for people to maintain this balance.

      You brought out some very important points here.

      Thanks for this engaging hub!