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How to land with your first bank job

Updated on May 4, 2015

Since you have decided to find you first job in a bank, so lets work on the road-map that will successfully help you to land with your first Bank Job. Your first bank job, will earn you a designation of; either Junior Private Banker or Assistant Private Banker.

Your role will primarily involve maintaining relationships with the clients, and that is what a bank job primarily entails.

Educational Qualifications for Bank Job
Educational Qualifications for Bank Job | Source

Educational Qualification You need

Like all the job sectors, entry-level roles for bank jobs are also open for graduates.

Graduates with a degree in commerce, have an upper hand as compared to those with degrees in other streams. However, those holding a degree in science, arts or humanities are also absorbed if they possess the right skills and an interest in the banking sector.

Certified courses like chartered accountancy, financial planning and analyst are highly valued and the job profiles in entry-level roles help you earn a better compensation as your role will be of a specialist in your domain, and the career progression opportunities will be innumerable.

Those holding masters degree in management or allied subjects; are hired for managerial roles. A masters’s degree is always a catalyst for your career progression in banking sector. Graduates who join this sector, can go for a master’s degree after earning an experience of 2-3 years to further amplify their career in banking jobs.

That One Skill You Need: Customer Relationship Management

Private bank jobs primarily entail relationship management. Your first bank job will also revolve around the application of your relationship management skills. As all the business a ban does is primarily based on managing relationships with existing customers by solving their queries, providing investment consulting and by providing them with various products & services.

Building rapport with your customers by proactively solving all there queries and requests on time; are the key attributes of a relationship manager.

Displaying your relationship management skills during the interview, by quoting real-life situations might help you to win-over the recruiter. As bank jobs recruiters look for candidates who can help the bank grow by retaining existing customers after developing strong relationships with them.

Sales! Sales! and Sales!

Sales Banks will hire you if you have prove yourself to be a star salesman.

Retail Banking is majorly involved with selling products and services to their retail customers. Sales, a skill highly valued in banking sector will help you succeed as a banker.

Sales as a skill will not only benefit your employer, but will also help you hone your relationship management skills. Providing your customers with products and services that help them reap the most out of their investments, will allow you to nurture those relationships with your clients.

Interview Tips
Interview Tips | Source

When you are offered an opportunity to get interviewed

So once you are in front of the interviewer, that means you have something in you that got you an access to get interviewed.
Impress the interviewer with your personality, as that is what they look for when hiring for a bank job. Do not slouch or fidget while talking to the interviewer.
Talking to the point and supporting your answers quoting real-life instances, will help the recruiter to validate your resume.
Body language, is another factor on which the interviewer might mark you down, pay special attention to how you are sitting, hand movements and body gestures.
As far as dressing is concerned, for which banks are very particular about. Wear a white or light blue shirt with a subtle tie and dark trousers. Brush your shoes, clean or cut your fingernails and make sure that you are clean shaved or trimmed, as grooming is a major consideration in banking sector because of your role being a front end role.

The possibility of your dream getting fulfilled

Once you have appeared for an interview, you might have to wait for a week or two to receive that call which gets you career started. All the hard work that you have put in all those years to land with the finest bank job will indeed come true in no time, once you display in you; the right set of skills and prove yourself to be the best-fit for the job opening.

The Career Path

Banking sector is known for its fast paced and high paying career path. A fresher in this industry begins from the bottom of the career ladder, of banking jobs. Once they complete a year or two, they can develop a specialization in any of the functional domain and carve a niche for themselves. Once, they have chosen a niche, the career path is then dependent on the niche. Sales, Priority Banking, Insurance, Customer Relationship Management, Investment Banking and Back end operations are the functional domains, which are present in every bank. Depending upon one's skills, interests and career goals, one can traverse a career path in any of them.


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