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How to make a Quotation or Proposal

Updated on July 24, 2012

Quotations or proposals form part of admin and sales department of any organization. Moreover it plays an importatnt role in attracting business. But the proplem many of the emloyees face are, lack of knowledge of how a quote should look and what are the points to be kept in mind while preparing a quotation. A quote in an informal way will not be accepted. Here are some points mentioned below, which one should consider while making a proposal.

Main Parts of a Quotation :

Company Logo : For every quotation, a logo is required. This indicates from where this quote originates. It should be included in the header of the page. Place the logo appropriately on th eright, left or middle part of the page.

Heading : The heading "Quotation" should be typed in block letters and should be made bold enough and the font size should be adjusted in such a way that the heading is remarkably outstanding compared to the other texts.

Footer : The footer of the proposal should contain the company's address and other contact details. If a person is interested in proceeding further, they might get in touch with you through the information provided in the footer. Some companies have their address printer in the header itself. No mistakes should form part of this area.

Color : Preferably while preparing quotes, use black, blue or grey font color. Never use dark and bright colors like red, green and so on. As it is official, the proposal should have a professional touch to it.

Client Details : Certain details about the client is required to be mentioned in the proposal. These include Client company name, contact person's name and contact number.

Date : A quotation or proposal should have a date. Usually in dd/mm/yy format. It indicates the date on which the quote was made.

Reference Number : It is a reference number that gives an identity to our quotation. It normally is a mix of alphanumerical characters. One should maintain different quotation numbers for different proposals. It helps in searching for a quote without much hard work.

Subject Line : This area gives a brief description of what the quote is about. It has to be short and descriptive in nature. Never use unnecessary subject.

Description, Qty, Amount : In description area, we have to mention the details of items that we are offering for sale or for rent. The quantity required or available has to be mentioned in the quantity column. It is always better to give both unit price and total price. Also mention the currency used.

Terms & Conditions : We should include our terms and conditions with regards to the proposal under this heading. Payment terms, Quote validity and so on can be mentioned here.

Page Number : Each page in a quotation should have a number. Eg : Page 1 of 3.

Quotation format of a rental company which is into events :

Important Note :

The wordings mentioned in the quotation of a rental company and a company which is into sales will differ. So be very careful while making a proposal.

Have you made a mistake while preparing a quotation?

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