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An introduction to Drop shipping

Updated on July 25, 2015

What is Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a technique within retailing in which the store owner (you) does not hold or keep products in stock nor does the store owner (you) pay for any stock in advance, but instead after receiving a payment transfer and order for goods they will transfer all customer orders and shipment details to their partnered drop shipper who will then send the required goods off to your customers address straight from their warehouse and deal with all packaging, paperwork and shipping.

Drop shippers are usually the products manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who will advertise drop shipping as a service.

Like retailers and wholesale merchants, companies who provide drop shipping make their profits in the same way, the only difference is that we do the marketing for them.

How Drop Shipping works

  • A customer places an order with your online business through your website or eBay/amazon store
  • Your business (you) then passes on the completed order information onto the drop shipper, which holds all of the products that you advertise in its storage space
  • Your drop shipper will package the items and send the products directly to your customer
  • Your customer then receives the products that they ordered through your website, not knowing that it did not come from your business. Some drop shippers will also post your own personal flyers and cards within the packaging for advertisement and promotions.

An example of Drop Shipping in action

What are the main benefits of Drop Shipping

For myself the main benefit of drop shipping is that it allows my business to be free from the costs, the effort of categorizing and holding large quantities of products, packaging and handling all of the shipping of your products.

Here is a list of my top five reasons as to why I have gone down the route of drop shipping and why I would never go back!

It saves You money

By using a drop shipper you are able to cut out a huge number of typical business costs and save money! You don’t have to pay for stock, you save on warehousing costs and you don’t have to have any high startup costs!

Your business will also benefit from using drop shippers as they will have a well-established and cheaper rate for postage that a newly formed online store wouldn’t be able to afford without forking out huge loads of hard earned cash! Using this service you will also reduce losses from products damaged in transit as there is less transportation time due to the product taking a direct route.

Minimizes risk

Your business would have to take big risks when they buy their inventory if they didn’t go through a drop shipper as they will have to scour the market for bargains and risk spending money on large quantities of stock from new companies and risk not selling any items at all.

However if you are working alongside a drop shipper you have no risks of not selling products that you own and NEED to sell and you can test out which products sell best and what doesn’t sell at all as It’s almost impossible to predict trends and tastes, or whether that new product line will really take off!

There’s no excess inventory lurking in highly priced warehouse space or risking not ordering enough stock.

It ncreases Inventory variety

Drop shipping can highly increase the potential range of products that you want to sell in your store or stores and with ever changing trends and fashion this is a great way to keep up with the crowd and to keep on raking in the profits no matter what the time of year!

You can start by selling pound line items and end up selling mobile phones before heading over to running a successful protein shake store! The possibilities are endless and the items are waiting for you to sell!

Drop shipping has proven successful to hundreds of people

As the Internet is full of get rich quick schemes I completely understand that a lot of readers will be sat thinking that this is just too good to be true, what is the catch? Well there is no catch ladies and gentlemen! Drop shipping has been around for years and hundreds of people are beginning to realize the full potential that it has to offer, but do NOT worry you’re not too late to get a piece of the action! There are hundreds if not thousands of niches out there that are waiting for you to discover and millions of people who are itching to buy your products!

One frequently asked question that I get asked a lot is ‘just how do drop shippers make money off of you and is it a scam?’

The answer is simply no!

Drop shippers only make money if they have drop shipping stores to sell their products for them! Let me say that again! Drop shippers only make money if they have drop shipping stores to sell their products for them!

That’s right guys, without YOU they wouldn’t be able to make money from drop shipping and YOU and me and the next person to read this eBook and jump in to this highly successful business is the key to their success!

The more sales you make the more money you are able to split with the drop shipper! The amount of sales you can make per month are endless and the profit margins can be sky high!

Would you like to learn more?

If this is of interest to you and you'd like to find out more about drop shipping then head over to the Amazon store and download my eBook!

'How to make easy money online with drop shipping, Find out how YOU can earn a passive income with little to no effort or initial start up costs'

Follow the link below to find out much more on the subject!

Here's some extra helpful Information

How to find a drop shipper?

Finding a drop shipper that is going to suit your business is largely down to the type of products that you are going to be selling! You would think that they are hard to come by but as the interest for drop shipping grows, more and more businesses are advertising drop shipping on their websites!

The best place to look for drop shippers is on the Internet, as you may have guessed the internet is full of handy information! Simply load up your internet browser and open your favorite search engine up, type in “drop shippers,” and you will be left with numerous drop shippers to choose from.

A quick poll for you the readers!

Aside from this article and eBook, how many of you have considered using drop shipping?

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