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Ebay bestsellers

Updated on January 27, 2013


I have been buying and selling on EBAY for years, and honestly it has to be one of the best ways to make money online. When i first started selling on Ebay I had a hard time finding things to sell after I sold all my personal belongings I didn't want anymore. But after a while I found 2 of the best ways to obtain things to sell for great profits- that's all its about, buying low and selling High. I would like to share them with the people that don't know them already.


Auctions are by far my favorite way to find great quality things to sell on Ebay for a dirt cheap price. There are a few different types of auctions, Estate auctions, Storage auctions, Restaurant auctions, and many more. One of my favorites are Estate auctions. Estate auctions are where the family (living or deceased) has an auction of their personal belongings to make money to fit their financial situation or to just clean out. You can find antiques, tools, collectables, and almost anything you can think of and a lot of it comes at great prices, sometimes 1-5 dollars depending on the auctioneer and the crowd. You do have to use your brain at auctions...EVERYTHING is not a deal. I would advise going to to find different auctions in your area and go and observe them before you hit it hard and heavy.


Yard sells rank right up there with auctions in my opinion. You never know what you will run across when you go to yard/garage sells. People just don't know what gems they have and heck most people don't care, they just want to clean out and make a few bucks off their "junk". I always find things at these sales to sell on Ebay for GREAT profit.

When using these to methods of finding things to sell on Ebay please do your homework first. Find what sells good on Ebay and what doesn't. Homework is a must or you will bust. There are auctions and yard sells every week so get out there and make the money you deserve. Good LUCK.


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