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How to make money by Shopping Online Extra Income

Updated on July 3, 2011

Make Cash from Everyday Shopping

Have you ever wondered how you can get extra cash in your pocket by shopping online. There are many ways, but I will tell you about one that I have been using for a few years now. My favorite site is Mr. Rebates. This is a great site that offers a percentage of your spendings in the form of cash back. You can earn from 1% to 30% from over 2,000 stores and sites. I have earned almost $1,500 cash back in just about my first two years. Mr. Rebates works like this. Follow the link in this add and sign up. The great thing is, you do not have to add any bank account or social security information. Just your address and email. Let's say that you wanted to buy something from Kohls. You would log onto your Mr. Rebates account, and go to the search bar. You would type in Kohls. This brings you to the Kohls website and you shop as normal. Mr. Rebates even lists all available coupons that you can use. When you finish with your normal shopping, that is it. Mr. Rebates automatically records your purchase total. In about a day or two you will recieve an email saying rebate confirmation from Kohls and Mr. Rebates. You check your Mr. Rebates account, and the rebate is already there. How great is that to get some cash back from shopping you were going to do anyway.

How to get your rebates

There are a two ways to get your available cash. First off, Mr. Rebates holds onto the rebates and they remail in the pending category for 3 months from date of purchase. This is so people do not go buy thousands of dollars from a store just to return it and get their rebates. Once the 3 months passes, you will start to see the pending rebates move to the available rebates category. Once you have $10 or more in your available rebates category, you can choose to get your rebate by check or paypal. I always get mine by check. They send the checks out at the begining of the month, but you can request your check anytime. If you request a check for example on June 5th, your check will arrive the first few days of July. If you request a check on June 28th, your check will also arrive within the first few days of July. This is a regular check that you can just cash or deposit in the bank.

As for me, i would never write about, or ask people to check out something that I have not tried or can vouch for myself. This is tride and true and Mr. Rebates is also recognized and accepted by the Better Business Bureau.


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