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How to make money online in Kenya

Updated on October 28, 2010

Make money Online: A Truth or just a Hullabaloo

Truth is, when it comes to making money online in Kenya, there are a lot of virtually untapped opportunities and I'm not just saying. It is a growing industry as not everyone yet knows how to make money online even thought they may have become used to the internet.

 Have you been to a website like Facebook. How do you think Facebook is able to continue providing you with free services and yet remain in business? They have to devise a way to make money online without losing her audience which includes you.

As I said there are many ways to make money online but in order to do so here are the basic things you need:

  • You need online presence e.g. A website
  • You need to have your own product or service
  • You need to monetize your platform

Having an online Presence

This could be in the form of a website or even an email address. You need to have a trusted presence on the internet if you are really serious about making money online. Having an email address or even a classified ad listing can do a lot but having a website goes even further. With a website you are able to offer people anything and even if it is for free, you can always have a way of making money online from it. In Kenya, if you are targeting local traffic, it will do you good to get a domain name and then get a web hosting account. One you have all these, just list up your brochure online and you are very well on your way to make internet income in Kenya.

Develping your product

There are many products or services which can help you serve your audience while at the same time make money from it. Here are a couple of product ideas that can earn you online income in Kenya

  • Building online directories
  • Creating and e-book
  • Dating sites
  • Photo-gallery
  • Blogs and online Forums
  • Online Advertising
  • Classified ads website
  • Free Tourist guide
  • Music or movies and other virtual entertainment

So these and many more are products or services are what you can offer to your audiencei n Kenya but how do you offer these things for free and still make money online. Well you can offer some for free while you offer others for a free and this I will talk about in the next line

Monetizing Your Platform

Case Study 1: A Monetized Website

So suppose you have built a website, blog or forum that is informative and allows your audience to interact with you while at the same time addng content to your website. The thing is even though you are offering them an opportunity to interact online for free, they are equally adding content to your website which is good for SEO and at the same time a potential source of income. What you need to do to convert this service to money is by simply monetizing it using online advertising. One evry beneficial way to sell online ads is by using Google Adsense. Others could be Adbrite, Chitika and so on.

The good thing about this system is that all it requires is for you to keep adding content to your blog or forum by getting more users or allowing more comments. The more you blog, the more space you hav for advertising and all you need to do is add the google ad codes after signing up for Google Adsense at

Case Study 2: The Ebook

Creating e-books can be a god way to offer information to an online audience in Kenya and it involves packaging information which is mainly in the form of texts and maybe pictures, formatting it in a digital form like pdf or doc and then allowing users to download them. A good e-book should have at least 200 pages of content which should be appealing to the end user. Your e-book can even be on "How to make money online in Kenya" an if there is sufficient requests for such an informational product like that on Google, the easiest thing to do is produce it and offer a way of selling it online using Paypal or Alertpay and enabling immediate download of your product after payment. You an set up the payment system yourself or you can just contract it out to a third party like Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. I read bout a blogger who sold content that is basically on his blog and made more than $70,000 within 3 months. Now if you could just write an e-book that will serve the Kenyan online audience nicely, it will be a source of continuous income to you and all it requires is just one e-book and you can sell it forever.

Final tips: The easiest way to make money online in Kenya is by monitoring search keywords on Google and creating an informational website around it and then pasting adsense codes on it. It. To know what Kenyans are searching for, one Good tool to use is the Google trends website located at


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