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How to make money online with freelance writing?

Updated on June 5, 2012

Thousands of people around the world want to make money online. Some look out for part-time Internet jobs and some for full-time freelance options. Though there are several freelance jobs that you can find on,, and others but according to me, writing online as a freelancer is the best way to build a positive long-term income stream. The good news is that there is actually no need of building your own websites and wasting money on hosting them when you have an option to write on “online revenue sharing portals”.

Interestingly, there are many online revenue sharing portals that provide a unique platform for freelance writers. Some top revenue sharing portals include,,,,, and As a writer, you can write on a variety of topics ranging from health and fitness to gadgets and technology and from automobiles to travels and tourism.

Although, most of these portals share revenue with writers via Google Adsense ad program plus Amazon and Ebay affiliate programs, some also share money with writers on the basis of impressions or page loads. On an interesting note, these web portals serve as an interface between the affiliate programs and writers providing them an online place to write, publish, and earn money.

Most sites have different revenue share models like keeps 40% and gives away 60% share to the writer. This means on a single article, 40% page loads will be counted for the site itself and 60% page loads will be counted for the writer.

For making money, Google, Yahoo, and Bing ads are displayed around the articles. Plus the writers also have an option to display Amazon and Ebay product widgets around their published articles. So once a page load takes place and a reader clicks on an ad or buys a product via a widget, either the portal owner or the freelance writer earns money. The advertisements and products are relevant to the content in the article which triggers an interest in the reader to visit them.

These sites don’t pay money to writers on their own. The writers receive money from the third party advertisement and affiliate programs for which they have to create separate accounts. Once an account is created, a writer receives a unique account ID which needs to uploaded only once in the “required field” of any revenue sharing portal. Once this unique ID is uploaded, ads start appearing within 4 to 6 hours of upload. Maximum affiliate programs on Internet pay via or international checks.

Though a writer can write articles on a variety of topics, the best way to maximize revenue is by writing on evergreen topics using keywords that pull out high-value ads. So instead of writing on controversial and fading topics related to politics or celebrities, writing on latest gadgets, robotics, advanced communication systems, or cosmetic surgery pulls out high value ads and helps in maximizing earnings online.


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