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How to make money through writing

Updated on March 6, 2010

There are various resources available to finding work in the writing field

Writing can earn you a great deal of income if you know how to write. Writing can be done both online and offline. The world today uses writing for many reasons, which means there is an ever-growing demand for new writers. Find your spot today in this growing field and start earning money.

Today, we will discuss numerous ways to make money through writing. While some programs pay more than others, they all have been tested time and time again for legitimacy. Please note that writing programs are not designed to get you rich quick or give you any financial freedom. This goal depends solely on the efforts you put into your work. Working hard will take you a long way.


One of my favorite writing sites, Helium offers numerous ways to make money through writing. Helium has a large database of topics that you may write about. You also have the ability to request topics you want to write about. Did I forget to mention its free to sign up?

Helium is a good website, not only because of the earning potential, but because of what they do for charity. When publishing articles, you have the choice of sending your earnings to charities or using them for your own personal reasons. I don't know if Helium is actually doing this anymore but if you sign up, you automatically receive $5 into your account, which brings you closer to the payout rate.

Helium hosts some of the best writing competitions and marketplace topics. Offering anywhere between $20-$200, the marketplace brings a select amount of topics. Sure, there are high requirements for these articles but for those who have the skill necessary to write for such a prestigious website, completing these tasks should be very simple to accomplish. Writing competitions at Helium usually offer up to $50 for contest winners but could end up earning you more. These competition topics are usually simple, requiring the same minimum requirements as if you were writing your self-selected articles.


I don't think eHow actually pays you for your writing but its a great way to earn money. Basically you are writing to earn money so it does count in some way. The payments are pretty good and some members enjoy job replacing income. All it takes is hard work and a lot of effort.

eHow pays you when you create how-to articles. These articles teach people how to do things they don't know how. Some of the craziest things you can think of could be very lucrative on this website. Don't pass off any techniques as being a waste of time because something that sounds crazy to you may make perfect sense to someone else.

The more you write, the better. eHow pays great rates, compared to other writing sites. Writing more will bring you more traffic and raise your ranks within their system. Once your rank rises, you will become a more noticable figure in the eHow community.


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      Sandra Mireles 7 years ago from Texas

      Great article. Thanks.

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      febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia

      Thank you for sharing :)