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Proven Ways to Make Money While Studying

Updated on June 21, 2017

Education Is Expensive

Good education is one of the keys to a successful and fulfilling life. Education, especially higher education, is expensive in many parts of the world. Not many parents can afford good quality higher education for their children.

It makes sense for students to find ways to make money while studying. Here are some proven ways of making money while studying.


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Students Need to Find Ways to Make Money While Studying

College students.
College students. | Source

With an intention to help students, author Anthony ONeal has written about five mistakes that can cause misery. This book is of great help to high school seniors.

The caliber of your future will be determined by the choices you make today.

— Anthony ONeal, Change Catalyst and WSJ National Best-Selling Author

Money Making Opportunities

Make Money With Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are in huge demand all over the world. If you are good in software development, you may consider making money by creating mobile apps. For your app to be successful in the market, it should solve a unique problem. Simple and cool addictive games are also found to be successful.

Make Money By Creating Apps For Businesses

There are many ways to make money with mobile apps. If you are a developer, you can create apps for businesses and charge them. You can promote apps on your website for a commission.

Make Money By Selling Your App at Apple Store or Google Play

You can sell your app at Google Play or Apple Store. Create a game which gives options to players to purchase stuff within the game. If you build an addictive game and people get hooked to it, you can make plenty of money.

You can make money by advertising banners within your app. For you to generate revenues through advertisements, your app needs to be popular. You need to take efforts to promote it.


Mobile apps
Mobile apps | Source

Make Money by Writing for HubPages

If you have writing skills and have access to the internet, you can make money by writing articles on websites like HubPages. HubPages is an amazing online platform which enables you to write top quality articles. You need to be above 18 years to be eligible to write on HubPages.

The basic requirement is that you need to be able to express yourself in English language without grammatical errors. Even though you can write on any topic, it is advisable to write on those topics that excite you or those on which you have expertise.

Try to write on topics that are always popular and that help people all over the world. For instance articles on health will be on demand as long as human beings exist. Write on those topics.

One key to get more traffic is keyword research. Spend time on this activity. Use tools like Google Keyword Tool. Choose those keywords that are low in competition and high in searches.

Ensure that your article is around 1150 words, with around three high quality images. Include a table, a quiz and a poll. These articles are found to get more traffic as per experts at HubPages. If you can add a well-made high-quality video, nothing like it.

Robust tools offered by HubPages allow you to incorporate videos, images, quizzes, polls, ratings, tables and much more into your content. That is not all. It also allows you to earn from eBay and Amazon.

For your HubPage content to earn for you, you need to link it to Google AdSense. It is advisable to participate in their Ad program. HubPages has a wonderful learning center which helps you to improve your writing skills.

Make Money by Working in Retail Industry or Hospitality Industry

Retail industry and hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants) offer many part-time jobs for students. However you need to be prepared to work in shifts. Also competition will be intense.

You will find stores that have a "Hiring" sign in the window. Go inside and meet the owner or manager. Ask how you can apply for the job. Some outlets ask for paper applications, while others allow you to apply online. Send resume and covering letter along with your application.

Mystery shopping is an easy way for students to make money. There is immense competition in the retail industry. Retailers need to know how well they are serving their customers. This is where you come in.

As a mystery shopper, you need to visit stores and assess the service level based on factors like staff behavior, cleanliness, waiting time, etc. It is advisable to try Checkout and Storecheckers.

Retail Store

Retail store
Retail store | Source

Make Money With EBay

EBay is a great way to earn money for students. You can sell stuff that you don’t use profitably. Craiglist and eBid offer you similar opportunities to get rid of stuff you don’t need for profit.


eBay logo
eBay logo | Source

Make money by teaching

If you have teaching skills, you can make money by tutoring your juniors. There is a huge demand for tutors. You get to work with young people and to add value to their lives. It will be a profitable and a fulfilling venture.


Teaching, a noble work
Teaching, a noble work | Source

Make money by testing video games

There is immense competition in the video game industry. Business strive to offer amazing gaming experience to their customers. They create many video games every day. The would want someone to test their games before releasing them to the market.

This is to make sure that the video game is working fine in aspects like design of characters and graphic designing. A video game tester can make around $25 per hour. Check out to get an idea of how things work.

Video game

Video games
Video games | Source

Make money by creating valuable software

If you are good in software, you can make money by developing software. If your software is found to solve people’s problems, you can make money with minimum effort. All you need to do is to create a video showing how it works and to slap a payment button on it. It is really as simple as that.

The crucial part of this venture is to find the right software idea. Submitters (like article submitters), gaming bots (like MMO), utility tools (like keyword research tools), bots (like auto account creation), scarpers (like content scarping from other sites) and content creators (like auto blogs) are some ideas that you can work on.

Make money by inventing

If you have a great idea, bring it to life and make money from it. But for it to happen, the idea has to work. You should have done thorough research. Also there has to be a need in the market.

The above-mentioned ways of making money are genuine. In fact many students are using them to make money while studying. Some are successful that they have started new businesses and have become rich. They are even sending money to their parents. The secret to success here is passion, persistence, hard work and patience.


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      PDXBuys 4 years ago from Oregon

      Eduardo Saverin (co-founder of Facebook) made $300,000 trading oil futures while still an undergraduate student at Harvard University. He also now has a net worth of around $2 billion.

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      Srikanth R 4 years ago


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      Milly 2 years ago

      Thanks for spending time on the computer (wgtrini) so others don't have to.

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