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How to make more money with Amazon

Updated on May 8, 2011

Amazon Resources to make more money

Amazon is so much more than just books.

Most people think books when they think Amazon. They are so much more than books. In fact, Amazon has so many different things it can offer from books to DVD's, Electronics, and you name it.

The way it works is this lets say you are an avid hunter, you could set up a hunting website, and include hunting vests, coats, pants, boots and other related hunting items. When someone purchased something through your website then you earn a commission.

What's even better is that if someone clicks on your affiliate link via your website and decides to buy another blender instead, you'll still earn a commission on the sale.

How do you make money with Amazon?

There are many people who don’t want to be an Amazon Associate because of the commission rate being low. Maybe they aren't seeing the whole picture.

Commission Rates

Your probably not going to make much money with books because Amazon has driven down the price of books over the last 10 years.

If you were to promote a $20 DVD at a 4% commission rate that is just $.80 per DVD sold, but once you sale more than six, Amazon bumps you up to a 6% commission rate meaning you will earn $1.20 per DVD sold.

Another important thing to remember is that your cookie is only good for 24 hours before it expires. Look at it this way many people will definitely come back and order same day, and if they don’t they might be looking for your site again so they can find the right page on Amazon.

Furthermore, your cookie doesn’t just count towards the product that referred them. This means that a customer could enter Amazon through your advertisement for a bra and end up purchasing a matching underwear, you will get a commission on both items.

Amazon Associate Benefits

Amazon Associate Benefits

Amazon has something that other affiliate programs don't. At Christmas, you can't find a better way to make money online.

Why? Amazon features a wide variety of products. if a consumer finds one thing on their shopping list that is available at a lower price through your affiliate link chances are good they will do the rest of their shopping with you.

This equates into a simple $14.99 DVD turning into a $400 sale very easily, especially during the holidays.

With all affiliate marketing, and specifically when trying to make money with Amazon you should be promoting products that are related to your niche. Reviews are always good, and statistics show that text links convert the best.

Of course you could always launch a webstore specifically designed for promoting Amazon products, and you will benefit greatly once you start ranking in the search engines.

Promoting products via organic search.

Yes, it is true that is a powerhouse. However, this works against them at times. There is no way possible for Amazon to optimize each and everyone of their pages because they have millions of pages.

This works in your favor, because often times your website can rank for particular products quite easily because it is considered fresh content.

To receive an even greater benefit, always change your titles and rewrite product descriptions. Usually several quality backlinks coupled with social bookmarks will easily get you ranking above Amazon 4 out of 5 times.

It is far too easy for a webmaster to make money with Amazon and you should always be looking for products that are related to your niche to start promoting!

Money making affiliate marketing tips

First and foremost market products that interest you. The best way to enjoy and profit from affiliate marketing is to concentrate in an area that you know and like. You will put more time and effort into your marketing and it will show in your profits.


Promote several different items that are related to your product. it is good to try 3 or 4 at least.

Finally, good content.

Anyone who has been on the internet for awhile will come back to where they know the content is good.


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    • Diana Grant profile image

      Diana Grant 5 years ago from London

      This is the most useful article I have read about being an Amazon affiliate, which I have been, unsuccesfully, for well over a year. I hope to improve my sales, based on your advice, and will bookmark this.

      Thanks, Diana

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      (I really needed the advice you have in this hub).

      Hello, neakin, This was a

      GREAT read! Amazing presentation. Informative and very helpful. Voted up and away for I love your writing style and I am now honored to FOLLOW you.

      Please keep up the great work and I Invite YOU to check out my hubs, that is if you need a good laugh.

      And I would love for you to be a follower. That would make my day. Highest Regards,

      Kenneth Avery,

      from Hamilton, a small (but proud) town in northwest Alabama that Norman Rockwell would have been happy to put on a magazine cover. Much Peace and Success to you!

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Good luck SharkFuel! I like Amazon the best! Thanks for commenting!

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Good luck SharkFuel! I like Amazon the best! Thanks for commenting!

    • SharkFuel profile image

      SharkFuel 6 years ago

      I have always been interested in discussing the topic of making money with Amazon. Hope that your tips will help me achieve goals. Thanks.

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Thank you very much Joshua and good luck!

    • profile image

      Joshua526 6 years ago

      Thanks for this hub, great tips neakin! So I think it's time to earn more through Amazon!