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How to make more sales in retail, call centres or door to door marketing campaigns

Updated on December 5, 2011
Even a guy selling stuff on the beaches of Brazil will find these tips on how to get more sales, very handy!
Even a guy selling stuff on the beaches of Brazil will find these tips on how to get more sales, very handy! | Source

"How can I make more sales" is a question that frustratingly bothers salespersons in retail, call centers, door to door marketing campaigns and other sales careers in general. Read on to know how you can improve your sales and be a better sales person with tips that come from having worked in retail and being at the selling and the receiving end of marketing campaigns.

1) Be the pushy sales person – Never give up

This is the kind of sales person that customers fear, but the reality is that companies like to have pushy sales persons on their payroll simply because they get more sales. If you are looking for a no-brainer tactic to improve your sales figures, you can be one too by keeping just one and only one thing in mind, sales! But beware, customers don't like such sales personnel and your pushy tactics may not help you make friends.

Typical example of pushy salesmen are those door to door marketers who will go to any length to try and convince you to change your telephone service provider, sell you gas/electricity and other some such. From a customer's perspective, they are an irritating lot because they never give up on a sale.

Qualities of a pushy sales person

  • Never give up, Never say die and Don't quit are the founding pillars of a pushy salesman's attitude
  • 'Getting more sales' gets priority over being nice to other people
  • Rude customers are never a bother – In fact, a sale to a difficult customer is seen as a trophy
  • A pushy salesman is not afraid of customers walking out, doors slammed on his face or phones hung up while he is trying to make a sale

2) Be the pitiful sales person – Play the sympathy card

A pitiful sales person is someone who has the ability to generate sympathy towards him and can get sales from customers who may think "Oh poor thing. I might as well as buy what he is selling if he can earn a penny or two" If you want to be a pitiful sales person, you will have to be able to convince your customers that yours is a pitiful condition, whether it is your economic condition, state of health, family issues or some such.

Customers often give in to the sympathetic talks of salesmen who claim to be in dire need of a sale to either help them pay their bills or fund their next hospital treatment. If you want to be a sales person who generates pity, you will need to put your morals aside because this by no means is the most righteous way to make more sales.

Qualities of a pitiful sales person

  • A pitiful sales person can generate sympathy easily
  • He is the typical salesman who can tell great stories
  • Pleading or begging for a sale is not at all a problem
  • This type of salesman has no regrets of how the sales were achieved, whether the sympathy generated was righteous or not

3) Be the arrogant sales person – Let your product sell itself

An arrogant sales person is not polite to customers nor does he ever try hard to sell his products. He does not bat an eyelid before telling customers off either. But then how does he get more sales? The arrogant sales person makes sales only and only because of the product on sale. Generally, these types of sales personnel are often found selling a product that is unmatched in quality, price and uniqueness. Customers have literally no choice but to buy from them because they have nowhere else to go.

Company which makes best selling cars. Your showroom has monopoly because it is the only one in your city and there is generally a waiting period when people want to buy your cars because demand is sky high. In this case, you can be the arrogant sales person because your product sells itself. However, you should know that the minute a rival company brings out a similar product, chances of you making more sales with that high headed attitude are very slim.

Qualities of an arrogant sales person

  • An arrogant sales person can make sales without giving elaborate speeches or product description
  • The core strength of arrogant sales personnel is to maximize the leverage of sales from the uniqueness and characteristics of the product, rather than their sales abilities
  • An arrogant sales person is always right and is never caught on the back foot
  • Losing customers due to lack of selling skills is never a worry because an arrogant salesman will think "I have many more customers. One less customers will not make a difference"

4) Be the discounts sales person - You are 'the man' when it comes to discounts

Every store or marketing campaign will have that one sales guy who will be able to get you great deals. This person is also referred to as the 'guy who can get you a good discount'. If you manage to learn pick up insider tips to how your store or the marketing campaign works, you may be able to find ways to give your customer discounts on their purchases. Your customers will usually remember the good deals that you've given them and will even refer you to their friends and relatives, which means more sales!

Qualities of the 'discounts guy'

  • A sales staff who can give unparalleled discounts generally knows the intricacies of how a store works, how the product is accounted for and what % of commissions are given at the root level
  • There is no fear to sacrifice one's own commission on a particular sale in the hope that the customer will give repeat business
  • The 'discounts guy' usually has a strong network and a host of contacts he/she can tap to avail the lowest prices for customers
  • Sales are driven by the passion to give customers a great deal, and not by the force getting more sales, achieving targets or KPIs

5) Be the friendly sales person - Attracting customers with your friendly nature

This is the kind of sales person everyone wants to be, but very few are successful at it. A friendly salesman is what every customer likes. If you want to be one, you will need to be charming, give honest opinions and step into the customer's shoes before you even try to make a sale. Friendly sales staff often find themselves having long conversations with customers and may even end up making very good friends in real life. Friendly door to door sales personnel often find themselves invited in the houses of the customers for a cup of tea or even a nice cold beer. Friendly sales staff are a must-have on every company's payroll because their cheerful attitude goes a long way to motivate other employees on the shop floor or on the road during a door to door marketing campaign.

Qualities of a friendly sales person

  • The core quality of a successful friendly sales person is their ability to think from the customer's perspective
  • A friendly sales guy always gives honest opinion and reviews of a product, which means even pointing out drawbacks or shortcomings in the product
  • They have the ability to engage customers in long conversations
  • Sales staff who are friendly are the ones who enjoy their jobs the most simply because sales come naturally due to their friendly nature

For the ease of illustration and reading experience, the words 'salesman' and 'he' have been used. This however does not imply any gender bias. Princesswithapen is of strong belief that women and men both can make terrific sales persons.


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      Jenny Calender 5 years ago

      Agree, pushy is out. And hey, I used to have one of those coconut monkeys!!! Awesome photo!!