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How to make people like you at work

Updated on May 20, 2013

Everybody is different

Each one is formed by the temperament - and many aspects the personality emerges when people are faced with a more serious problem or some major disappointment at work.

There are those who, even when they're bored, know better manage setbacks that are absolutely common in the workplace, still others follow negative behavioral patterns - formed by a model that includes all sorts of excuses, whining and fantasies of guilt or self discrimination.

Attitudes which simply further distanced the focus of outcome. It is always good to remember that everybody knows complain. It is the ability to resolve that features the boss.

Ways to be a good leader

There are several qualities that make a great leader, conquer people and humor is one of the largest. The mood is very important both for success and for the defeat. Some bosses are admirable only in the rapidity of his humor as for its almost absolute imperiousness to accidents. His way of solving problems and envision the best solution for each case thanks to its temperament, its results are always admirable.

Several personal characteristics that contribute to a big boss conquer people. One of the secrets is to always be clear and honest in personal contact. Any kind of attention at a difficult time, or a simple explanation of the need for a change, is a kindness that, in principle at least goes beyond the obligations of a chief of protocol.

And rightly so, this is an attitude able to demonstrate objectively how much he actually cares about each one. When properly treated, individuals feel encouraged to try new ideas and yield more.

Do not forget that there are several ways to treat someone well, often encourage a person just listening to what she has to say.

Another caution always timely and very simple, can be exercised whenever you hear someone on staff referring to some newbie with harsh words. At this time, gently suggest that the person tries to remember how things were when she herself began her career.

That's the best way to improve control gossip and malicious comments on the industry.

Be a Human Leader

Everyone should have a goal to live according to the values ​​that respect. If authentic, these values ​​must be the same and experienced both in personal life and at work. It acts by way routinely, at home and in business, a great leader can demonstrate his character.

Just as parents are role models for the children, not just the big bosses spend time traveling around their offices and repeating to everybody the most elaborate theoretical discourses, they need to practice what they believe in day-by-day in a coordinated manner systematic and coherent. And that for a reason particularly delicate: how every great boss works just constituting not only your professional profile, He is also his ethics.

Thus, every time He lets be true to his words, He risk losing one of their most valuable assets: His credibility. For a company to thrive with strength, never miss the opportunity to lead by example. And act exactly as He believes that everyone should act.

Through it all, wasting opportunities and people is a mistake that can be fatal. You need to be constantly in search of the best professionals that you can hire, but as important as attracting talent is to offer a pleasant working environment and challenging them all.

A harmonious environment outweighs the investment in people and generates more possibilities for keeping them on your side.

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address


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