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How to make positive feedbacks

Updated on July 17, 2012

The importance of positive feedback – Positive feedback enhances job performance and it establishes morale. More positive feedback lifts the spirits of the people who receives them and eases out pressure in a workplace. Positive feedback may not breed resentment as it foster camaraderie and rapport further.

Here are some tips, cues or pointers to make positive feedback:

  • Endeavor to become a person who lingers for success at all times. Incessantly search for actions and outcomes that may add to the success of your efforts. As such it is needed that you give positive feedback to persons that are involved.
  • Carry out grateful inquiry. This implies that you need to know direct from your employees about the things that are not going right and then utilize their answers to give positive feedback.
  • Keep in to mind that the more positive feedback you impart the better you become at this.

Giving more valuable positive feedback to your employees puts you on a win-win situation. Here are some reasons why positive feedback is so important and benefi

1. One of the benefits of giving positive feedback is it works as an incentive for a desirable result or action that adds to the success of a business. It also bolsters successful performance and it spurs repetitive desirable actions.

2. Positive feedback provides workers a sense of personal accomplishment. When you know how to acknowledge success then this will make employees feel they are essential to the company.

3. Positive feedback develops confidence among the employees. Bear in mind that it is vital that an employee know how to tap his skills and at the same has the confidence to carry out his job.

4. Positive feedback may hold an employee accountable for all of his actions in the workplace. It makes the needed results clear and it foster dedication to achieve them.

5. Positive feedback also enhances job satisfaction.

It looks as easy as it seems, but giving positive feedback can be a daunting task, since some employees hate it.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve employee performance through positive feedback:

  • Concentrate on your employee’s performance not on personal things.
  • Only give bountiful feedback when the need for this arises. Keep in mind that it may require a lot of positive comments to overcome one negative comment.
  • If job performance is below par, discern what is needed further than using feedback. You may redirect efforts or reassign your employees.

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