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How to market massage

Updated on April 6, 2015

Most often people choose to become a massage therapist because they have the urge to help people. They want to learn more about the body, its different functions, different massage modalities and how to implement them for stress or pain management. Massage Therapists have to be good listeners and have to trust their intuition developing the ability to know what might be the best treatment for the person seeking their help. Unfortunately, massage schools don't teach their students how to effectively market their business, and upon graduating many of them dreaming of building a clientele and making money will soon be faced with the naked truth that they don't know anything on how to market their massage effectively.

Create a reward system

Everybody probably has at least one massage client when they graduate from massage school. If you don’t have a single client then you need to go find one. That is probably easier said than done. Think about friends, co-workers, people in church, just anybody you know. Once your friends visit you for a massage invite them to do the marketing for you providing they liked your massage. This is easily done by giving them a handful of your businesscards asking them to write their name on the back of the card. Then you politely ask them to hand those out to friends of theirs who they think would or could benefit from a massage. As soon as three people have booked a massage with you you can offer your friend a free massage. This is a very effective system. You should do this after every single massage appointment. Keep reminding your friends about the reward asking them if they still had business cards. You can print your business cards through vistaprint. They offer professional cards at low cost.

Exchange business cards

Now of course this is only one way of massage marketing but a pretty effective one. Another cool strategy would be to exchange business cards with your hairdresser . You basically ask your hairdresser to set up your business cards at the counter somewhere where they are visible. You would do the same of course displaying your hairdresser’s business cards in your practice. Of course you can choose to exchange cards with another business professional. I, personally, prefer hairdressers because they come in contact with a lot of people who they usually have small talk conversations with giving them even the opportunity to mention your business if it seems appropriate.

Give-away a special Massage Package

Another cool way to collect names is done by setting up a box to win a massage package, for instance. Of course one person will win the price. The other names are collected for the purpose of massage marketing. You thank each person for participation by giving them a massage coupon worth USD 25.00, for instance. Not everybody will redeem this coupon of course. Nevertheless, if you have 200 names in this box you can be sure that at least two people will use this coupon. And once you have convinced those two people about your exceptional massage you might have gained two new clients who will then become repeat clients and help you build your business further.

Write effective advertisement

Somebody once told me that advertisement is a waste of money and doesn't work. Advertisement is only a waste of money if it is too general. A lot of massage therapists make the mistake that they write an add including the modalities they practice. People don't care about the modalities most of the time. They want a solution to their problem. Another mistake therapists make is the fact that they offer massage at a very low price. This attracts people for the wrong reason. They will try the massage and then you will never see them again.

An advertisement should be written by providing people a solution with their backache, headache or neck and shoulder stiffness. The massage therapist should focus on one specific problem. This will attract much more people than a generalized ad about massage. If I had a backache and I read an advertisement about a specific treatment relieving backpain I would probably call. But if I read an ad about relaxing with Swedish Massage or Hot Stone Massage I would probably ignore it.

Internet Presence

Someone who is visiting your town or simply doesn’t know a good massage therapist will most likely look in the internet for a good massage therapist. Having a web presence is a must nowadays, but being present on the web doesn’t always mean you are visible. Good search engine optimization is a must. There are tons of massage site listings and I am not sure how high up they are listed on google but most of them charge an arm and a leg to be listed. Then there are the free listings usually offering additional non-therapeutic services. So stay away from those sites. They won’t bring you business. Of course you could always build your own site but it takes time, patience and SEO knowledge. If you want to invest into time and a little bit of money for the hosting of your site, then go for it. But if you don’t have the time or don’t want to invest into the monthely hosting fees you could start your web presence on a webpage that offers information in regards to massage and connects therapists with potential clients.

As a massage therapist myself I have struggled many years to find the perfect massage marketing plan. I usually made the mistake that I did not follow up with my clients, and eventhough I had a lot of new clients at one point of time, I lost them all over the years. I even tried a webpage but it did not work as well just because at that time I knew nothing about search engine optimization.

In the meantime I have learned a lot and expanded my knowledge. I have even built my own website which is an informative site about massage, its health benefits, history, healing possibilities and a section just for massage therapist. While I struggled for years to find my massage marketing plan others might have become extremely successful within a few years. Nevertheless, I built this site to offer people more information about massage and to offer massage therapists a platform to connect with people looking for massage.

I hope you find all this information about massage marketing helpful and I wish you all the best growing your massage practice.


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