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How to organise the marketing of an event

Updated on September 12, 2013

The basics of the event

All of the choices that you make concerning the programme/content of the event is depending on the following questions:

  • What do you want to reach with this event, what is your goal?
  • What feeling/entertainment do you want to transfer to your visitors?
  • What type of information and / or knowledge to you want to give to your visitors?

It is important to first set the goals of your event based on the information above. Next then is to formulate who your target group would be.

Content of the event

When deciding on the content all the information mentioned above should be clear. Only then can you start to prepare the content of your event. The content of your event has to be marketed to the public. No matter the sort of communication that you decide to use, you have so market your event in such a way that the public finds it interesting and it convinces them to attend the event. To convince visitors you can use both rational and emotional argumentations within your marketing strategy. The following questions should therefore be answered:

Rational arguments

  • What am I going to learn from this?
  • What will be the use for me personally?
  • How will it contribute to my work/personal life?

Emotional arguments

  • Am I going to like this programme?
  • What will happen during this event?
  • Who else will attend this event?

By answering all these questions and taking into account your target group and eventual goal, you can set up an interesting and varied programme. Should there be sufficient budget, it would not be a bad idea to organise something special or to invite a special (well-known) guest!

Means of communication

Once you have the content and programme of your event, it is time to announce it to the public through the right media. As there are many sorts of communication /marketing media available, make sure you choose the one that fits the target group. Which means that using social media when your target group is over 50 years of age, might not be really successful, but with youngsters it would the best option.
Below a number of possible media-options that you could use:

Social media
Social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Googleplus or Facebook could be used to create a good branding of your event as it will be seen by lots of people.

Create a website for your event
A very good way to advertise your event is to set up your own website. This basically gives your event its own "face" and it is a place where you can put all information on your event, such as:

  • Programme
  • goal of the event
  • Who will be there?
  • route information
  • contact information
  • registration form

Using a registration form on your website is quite handy as it gives you an idea on how many people are interested to come to your event. Don't forget to send them a confirmation of their registration. This gives them the feeling that their presence is important.

You can use this way of communication both in hardcopy or digital format. The disadvantage is that you will need a database of addresses. It is a bit more work but you can create your own message content and send it to a more targeted group. If you send them by email you could even send a reminder later on.

Press releases
Should your target group be quite broad, then a press release would be effective as well. You could consider an advertisement or article in a newspaper or magazine.


If you really want to know what your visitors thought of the event and how you could improve, then making an evaluation form is a good idea. Put a booth of some kind where you put pens and evaluation forms and have people fill them in before leaving. If you give them a small present in return for it, they might be easier convinced to fill in the evaluation form.


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