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How to Increase The Efficiency for Entrepreneurs

Updated on May 12, 2009

How to overcome Procrastination Easily

Lot of people have a great ability to waste thier time and spend all the day without doing anything useful or anything they want to Completion , and for business men and entrepreneur Efficiency is playin a very important role as Efficiency mean how many hours you spent compared by the whole period of time you have put to finish your goals .

For example some people may work on internet for 10 hours , but the efficiency is only 20% , it mean he only work for 2 hours per day and the rest is a wasted time and effort , what if you icrease your efficiency to be at least 90% , you will have a great change in your life , as you will spent less time with less effort but more productivity .

Also some people think that spending more time and effort in thier work increase thier productivity , that is realy wrong , it is all about efficiency , and how much time you realy invest for only your work .

In this artilcle I'll give you some tips for how to increase your efficiency and make better productivity without spending much more time and effort , and also increasing your productivity .

Doing this tips will help you greatly to increase your efficiency in work and saving you much more time , try to work on them :

Answering your mobile phone : what if you have a telephone call as just as you start ! , and it takes 5 minutes , not this only but also you may hear a bad news make you corrupted and can't start your work , from this point your time is wasted , 5 minute for the telephone call , and also 10 minute thinking of that bad news , addition your disband while working because of that news , in this process you may loose at least 40% of your time and efficiency , and this all for one telephone call , what if they ar two or three or more .
when I'm working I've must close my mobile phone and keep it aside until I finished my work .

Doing other things in between : some people stop thier work for 10 minutes to search thier pens , other stop working for another 10 minute to drink a coffe , and those who keep doing small usless task within the bigger one , these people who are wasting more time to getting start or doing these usless task are having very low efficiency , and he may work only 15 minute for every hour ! .

Social Newtorking Websites : I know people who visit social networking websites for 20 minutes every one hour. Those people lose everyday 1/3 of their time just to check their inbox or to see the new friend requests they got, The problem is, most of the those people return back feeling bad after they visit that site because they don’t usually find anything that they hoped for , stop using these social network websites even at your work , and never open it before starting your work hours .

Checking your mail every few minutes:
If checking your mail takes 3 minutes and if you do it 3 times/hour then you are wasting 10 minutes every one hour. Don’t underestimate those 10 minutes simply because losing 10 minutes each one hour means that you are losing one year each six years!! If you don’t have a strong reason to check your email then simply don’t do it.

Not being practical:
I know people who wont start working before they find their special blue pen or their fancy rubber. Some people keep searching for a good place to sit for hours, they keep driving their cars from one place to the other in order to find a good spot where they can work,those people are professional time wasters. What will be the difference if you used your pen or someone else's pen? what will be the problem if you sat in a place that doesn't have your favorite orange juice for the sake of not wasting your time? The less practical you become the more time you will waste and the less productive you will become.

At last you have to ask your self How efficient I am? , and you will find a clear answer that will make you know what is realy are you ! .. from professional time wasters . or you have a big effciency in productivity ? , pay attention to the small habits that steal from you few minutes every now and then.


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