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How to post a full page ad on craigslist. Create html posting method

Updated on June 17, 2013

A professional ad will attract people

Have you ever browsed through the Craigslist ads and wondered how some of the ads looked so professional? These are done using HTML coding, and is not very difficult to do. I, too was surprised that you could post HTML code on Craigslist.

I have mostly used this method when posting under the "Services" section for my pool business. Most of the other ads were just plain text and a phone number since CL does not let you post images in the services section, so I used HTML code to display a full page ad. I got a huge response compared to when I had previously posted using just plain text. Below is a screenshot of my CL ad.

What you will need

First, and most importantly, you will need an online photo storage. There are several out there, but seems to work best for me and it's free.

You will also need a program to create your ad with the capability of saving it as a picture file. I use Microsoft Publisher. If you do not have publisher, you can download for free. I create my ad and save it as a .JPG and upload it to my photobucket account.

This also works to post any photo's on any section of Craigslist. Such as the for sale section. You can post up to 15 HTML image codes to make your ad stand out which is much better than the 4 small images they allow you with no code.

So, you will need:

The process

Design an ad using your editing program and save it as a .jpeg image. Once your ad is ready you will need to upload your image to your photobucket account. On your image in photo bucket select the "HTML" and it will automatically copy the code for you. (See the screenshot).

Once the image code is copied, go to Craigslist and "Post" an ad. Can be any ad at all, does not have to be a services ad. (for sale, pets, ....anything) Remember, if you are not posting a services ad, you don't need publisher. You just upload your photos to photobucket.

With the copied code from photobucket, simply paste into the body of the ad. If you are posting more than one image, just skip a line and paste another code.Now click next and your images should appear in your ad now. Finish up normally with the posting and you're all set.

HTML code in body of ad

screenshot of my ad under "Services"
screenshot of my ad under "Services"

That's all it takes!

It's very easy and effective to use this method on Craigslist. Good luck, and fun with your ads now!


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  • robhampton profile image

    Rob Hampton 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

    @ppc Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. Will be sure to check out your page

  • ppc-specialist profile image

    ppc-specialist 4 years ago from Pakistan

    Nice hub related to craigslist ... good information ... rate up and useful