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How to prepare for Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB)

Updated on August 2, 2016

Finally how to be selected for forces through ISSB

Assalam O Alaikam

Today i am going to write a compulsory topic for the benefit of my Pakistani mates and especially those who's interested to join forces. If you are interested to join Pakistan Army, Navy, Air-force or even to join Army Medical College, Military College or all related to forces, so this topic is much valuable for you. Please study thoroughly to know completely about ISSB and tests inducted in their centers.

About ISSB

Inter Services Selection Board is related with the recruitment and selection of candidates for different Pakistani forces at commissioned level. To be an Officer in forces you should go to the ISSB centers for 5 days of tests. So after qualifying the tests you should be able to join a specific force where you applied.

5 Days timetable at ISSB centers

The first day at the ISSB starts as soon as you reach to ISSB center where you are advised to report for test. When you reach there the time comes for reporting, and for this purpose go to the reception where they will check your educational documents for conformation of certificates that you provided at the time of filling form. After checking of documents your luggage shall be checked either to know that s/he is not keeping prohibited materials while staying at ISSB for 5 days. After completing this step you shall be proceeded to photography section for taking photographs and a chest number should also be allotted to you. After allotment of chest number they will soon forward you to a big hall where Administration staff will address and then guide you about form filling step to step and at-last they will ask you to write unforgettable incident of my life on that bio-data form. After completing these all steps it shall be too late at night and it will be the time to go bed just after dinner, because a new challenging day will arrive soon and you shall have to complete many task then today.

The 2nd day (First Test Day at ISSB) starts with new challenges and you shall be proceeded to a big hall after breakfast, where Deputy president will address and the tests shall be started. There will be two types of tests which is also called to be the screen-out test, so if you have passed the tests, then you shall be able to proceed for further tests, anyhow if you don't qualify the tests, so you shall not be able to proceed anymore and you shall be free to go home at the same day and absolutely at the same time. The two types of tests shall be intelligent and psychological tests. For preparation of the tests it is important to you to study IQ questions book and psychological questions which will be available at do-gar's books.

The 3rd day of ISSB, which is known to be the 2nd test day or GTO's day starts with GTO briefing about different situations up the coming articles and the procedures to follow for next tasks. After briefing you shall be proceeded to indoor tasks like Group discussions (URDU+English) and Group planning. After performing at both stages you shall be proceeded to outdoor tasks which will include Progressive group tasks (PGT), Half group tasks (HGT) and Interview by the Psychologist. One thing to remember that the GTO will also interview you, but at the same day you passed more time with GTO, so s/he interviewed you at different stages of tasks performing.

The fourth day of ISSB which is known to be the third testing day or same as the 3rd day like GTO's Day. On this day you have to pass more time with GTO and to perform different type of tasks like Individuals obstacles, command task, final group task, mutual assessment and finally interview with deputy president.

The fifth day of ISSB which is known to be the 4th testing day / conference day or last day. At this day first a conference will be started and re-interviews will be started for the candidates. If is famous to know that most of the selected candidates are re-interviewed by the selection board. After completing the steps you shall go for the TA/DA for receiving your amount and then the time will starts for your departure and you should be inform in few days (5 Days) through letter of recommendation or not recommendation at your mailing address.

Important Books To Study For ISSB


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