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How to prepare for a big sale on eBay

Updated on December 28, 2009

Selling items on eBay is pretty easy, but it can be quite time-consuming.  I found that it is much easier to gather all your items together like a garage sale and make sales in bulk. 

I have previously discussed how to determine the correct title for your posting and determining an opening bid price.  However, I’d like to go into greater detail about price determination. 

I have discovered that if I have an item that is slightly used, I usually offer it at about one-third of its retail value.  It is usually better to start an item with a lower bid than with what you feel it really is worth.  Granted, there is a risk to this.  If you start your bidding too low, then you run the risk that potential sellers may think the item isn’t worth buying.  Too high, and no one will bid on it. 

It is always recommended that you have to have a picture on your posting if you want to sell your item, and I highly agree with this.  You will need a digital camera, and I highly recommend that you take a picture of each of your items one at a time.  Some eBay sellers simply take a picture of their particular item by running a search of images of the item on Goggle, but if you can have some upset buyers if your item doesn’t match the picture perfect photo of your item.  Once you take pictures of all your items, you will need to download the pictures to your computer.  Don’t worry about labeling them all, as this just wastes time. 

Even though you probably won’t sell all of your items, you should prepare for them to sell.  In other words, you are going to need to put them in boxes, or envelopes, or however you want to ship them.  I’ll discuss how to calculate shipping them later, but the most fragile of items should be put in boxes with Styrofoam packing peanuts and specifically marked “Fragile”.  As for other more durable items, I found that simple newspaper works just fine.  You should make certain that the box is flat on top and does not collapse when weight is put on it. 

Once everything has been packaged, take measurements (length, width, and height) of each box, and weigh it.  If you don’t have a postal scale, simply use a bathroom scale.  You’ll probably need to weigh yourself, then weigh yourself carrying the item, and then take the difference for the item itself. 

Once you have taken pictures of your items, and have written down the items dimensions and weights, then you are ready to start selling. 


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