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How to Remove Customer Feedback on Websites

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


Customer feedback creates the first impression would-be customers have of your website or product. Negative customer feedback creates a negative impression. Spammy customer feedback clutters the website and decreases the value assigned by readers to customer feedback.

Removing customer feedback as part of a web reputation management plan keeps the website appearance positive and professional while improving the overall presentation of a product, service or brand.

Customer feedback is a large part of your company's reputation online.
Customer feedback is a large part of your company's reputation online. | Source

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Your Site

1. Contact the customer if possible. This information can be gathered from customer accounts, if the customer feedback can be traced to their identity and thus account.
2. Ask the customer how their dissatisfaction can be resolved.
3. Resolve the problem where possible. If not, ask the customer how they can be satisfied.
4. Inform the customer that the problem is resolved and to remove their negative feedback.

5. Use customer feedback as a platform to improve your company’s processes or product. In the long term, this will solve the problem that caused the negative feedback.

6. Send out customer surveys to get customer feedback through corporate channels. They will be less likely to post general negative feedback online if they have a clear method of contacting you directly regarding problems.

How to Remove Negative Feedback from Other Sites

1. Determine if the negative feedback is real or fictitious. Run the customer feedback in a plagiarism checker to look for similar text. If the customer feedback is verbatim or nearly word for word copied from other sites, it is likely false.
2. Contact the moderator or website administrator for the website where the feedback is located. Contact information for the website administrator is commonly included at the bottom of the home page or on the "contact us" section of the website.
3. Provide the proof of plagiarism and likely fraud to the website administrator. Request that they remove the customer feedback.
4. Verify that the customer feedback has been removed from the website.

5. If the customer feedback is about the service received through a third party instead of the product your company sells, inform the service provider of the negative feedback. If they can make up the poor performance to the customer, customer satisfaction is improved, and you can delete the feedback from your website.

6. When someone has posted negative feedback, reply to the feedback on websites where you cannot remove it to state that the issue was resolved.

Cautionary Notes on Customer Feedback

1. Negative feedback can be offset by glowing customer reviews. However, deliberately posting positive reviews to offset negative feedback can decrease the trust customers place in the feedback left on the web site. It may also lead to disregard for actual problems brought up in the customer feedback.

2. Don’t ask for customer feedback too soon in the fulfillment process. If customers have not yet received the product, the customer assumes from your question that they should have received it and will now give poor marks for performance.

3. When replying to customer feedback, be careful to address the customer's concerns without attacking the customer.

4. Blaming the customer for the problem or treating them badly online hurts your firm more than marketing efforts can correct. Potential customers searching for information on problems your product can come across the customer's problem and the poor service your organization provided proven in black and white across the screen.


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