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How to sell handbags,purses,clutches in a thrift store

Updated on April 16, 2015

Typical Displays for Purses on your sales floor

This type of display is the easiest for shopping handbags.
This type of display is the easiest for shopping handbags. | Source
Waterfall hooks use to display handbags for sale
Waterfall hooks use to display handbags for sale | Source

Processing handbags, purse and clutches for your thrift store.

Handbags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You do not have to put every single purse/handbag that comes into your store out. Here's a few simple guidelines to getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Sorting rules - nothing should ever go out to the sales floor that is ripped, stained or torn. EVER. Also no monogram purse cause really what are the odds.

Very carefully open every single pocket and compartment and make sure your purse is clean. I was prepping a purse to go on ebay in my last thrift store when I came across $4.00 stuffed into an inside pocket. I've also found whole wallets (which contained drivers license and credit cards) inside of bags. I say very carefully because you never know what you'll find.

Check the lining inside. Turn it out to brush out all the loose dirt. If it's got ink stains you might as well salvage it. (I'll explain salvage in another article). If the outside of the purse is really good condition and of good quality most ladies won't mind a small ink stain or two.

Examine your purse carefully for any defects. Minor defects won't get the purse tossed but it will cause a reduction in the price you ask.

Example of what not to do.

This should have never made it to the sales floor it doesn't matter if it's a Buxton. If the strap cannot be removed, it should have been salvaged and not sold. This just makes this store look trashy.
This should have never made it to the sales floor it doesn't matter if it's a Buxton. If the strap cannot be removed, it should have been salvaged and not sold. This just makes this store look trashy. | Source

Stapling your store tag to itself while wrapping around handle is the easiest solution to tagging your purses


Tagging your purses for the sales floor

Ok you've got the purse all ready now how do you tag it?

I have seen a few ways to mark these for sale. The one I've seen a lot recently is using a paper tag large enough so you can stapled the tag around the strap. This works and doesn't damaged the bag.

But if your store tags are not large enough to this then I recommend the clear adjustable security loop tagging fasteners. Attach this to your purse with your paper tag and you all set.

One concern when tagging like this is of course people ripping tags off. My solution was simple If it wasn't tagged it was X amount of dollars and that price was usually the price of my highest selling purse. Cashiers were not allow to reprice it at the register if it didn't have a tag. It had to go back through processing. Once people realize your cashiers are not going to price something they will stop doing it.

Holes mar an otherwise beautiful find.

Holes in the gold trim, totally devalue this Lilly Cosmetic bag
Holes in the gold trim, totally devalue this Lilly Cosmetic bag | Source

Please Please Don't staple tags to your purse or handbags.

I just bought a beautiful Lilly Pultizer Estee Lauder Cosmetic bag and realized after I got it home that they staple the tag inside but the holes showed up on the outside of the bag. Considering this was a total plastic cosmetic bag they could have just as easliy taped the tag to the inside. Seriously why would you do that.?

We could guarantee these were authentic HSN bags because we got them straight from the source.

Selling fakes

Another big big problem deals with designer fakes.It is illegal to sell a fake designer bag. Period - There is no gray area. When I was doing ebay for the thrift stores I double checked everything to ensure what I was selling was authentic. The last store I worked in the store manager didn't have a problem selling really good condition fakes even marking them more than a normal bag. I DO NOT CONDONE this type of sale. Never have, never will. But I wasn't the boss and as I soon found out questioning the boss just got you a permanent vacay.

Keep yourself honest. Or you may end up like the women in Fort Pierce who got arrested for selling fakes.

Designer Bags for Sale

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