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How to set up Business in Singapore

Updated on March 29, 2011

Set up Business in Singapore


Ways to register yourself in Singapore

Registration as government supplier – Is this the next step for your business

Being an established business in Singapore, the next legitimate step for you might be to register yourselves as government supplier in Singapore. If you have a proven financial track record and been in the business for some period of time, it is time you thought about this important step for your business.

What does registering as a government supplier entail?

Registering as a government supplier, will help you bid for government projects as and when they are announced. There are specific steps involved in registering yourselves as an approved government supplier.

Singapore Business set up


Steps to Register as Government Supplier in Singapore

Here is detailed information on how you can easily set up your business by registering yourself as an approved supplier for Singapore Government. Each of these specific registrations come with certain criteria for registration where companies such as Servolve can help you through the process of getting you registered as a government supplier.

1. What is the first step in getting my business registered as a government supplier?

The first step in getting your business registered as a government supplier is to apply for and get a GEBIZ Trading Partner Account.

2. What is a GEBIZ Trading Partner Account?

A GEBIZ Trading Partner Account is a specific login user name and password which is meant for all government suppliers; this allows you to bid and tender projects as well as allows you to access archives of tender and quotation awards.

3. What is EPPU?

EPPU is the Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit. This unit is in charge of evaluating whether suppliers of goods and services have sufficient financial resources to undertake Government contracts.

4. How is an EPPU registration relevant for me?

An EEPU registration is relevant for you for some specific government tenders - as you can submit your quote only after registering yourself as an EPPU registered government supplier. To get an EPPU registration, you need to be registered as a GEBIZ trading partner first.

5. What is BCA?

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) evaluates and approves Government contracts for all construction and construction-related Supply Heads.

6. When is a BCA registration relevant for me?

Suppliers must be registered with the BCA (unless otherwise specified in the tenders) in order to take part in construction or construction-related Government projects.


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