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Baby sitters

Updated on November 5, 2015

How a fun job convert into a full time job

One of the most popular jobs for teens to make some extra money is Babysitting The successful teens in the babysitting world are the one that have patience.Moreover if they treat their babysitting at a professional level and build their faith in their clients ,this would help them to increase the amount of money that they are worth for. Just like any other business, you can build good repo with some extra effort and planning Here are certain tips to build a top notch babysitting business from a start to the end.The very first thing what we need to do is to get certified in some of the basic first aid and lifesaving skills. Suppose you take care of some children,the parent would feel their baby secured if you were skilled in CPR and other lifesaving arts such as basic first aid and nursing . This makes you more valuable to the client who have believed that the baby is in safe hands and is well worth the time. this will also build their confidence in you.
Before you do some baby sitting professionally you must practice it with your siblings and other children in the family such as niece nephew younger cousins.Do not make your first babysitting experience to be at a stranger’s home. You must Gain some confidence and skills with children within your family This may help you to build your skills so that you are ready and well prepared for a job outside the family circle.
Once you feel confident after getting compliments from your nears and dears ,then you may
start to advertise your services in crag list or distribute pamphlets near churches schools,parks or any other public places.You might even place a classified ad in news paper or at the cable telecast The best ad is your work itself as a babysitter if you are a good one, the word will spread all by itself. One will talk about it when they have an outstanding babysitter saying how relieved they are after getting you .This puts you at good demand and you start getting referred or recommended to others .This is the biggest key to extend your babysitting business. Ask your present clients to refer you to their family or friends. Eventually, you will have a number of clients and you will be in demand this is the time when you can pick the highest bidders Be professional in your dealings and deliver your best that you promise. always complete your previous then you should moving on to the next higher paying client. If you break your word, you will regret it latter as you are spoiling your reputation.

While your are climbing the success ladder and building your baby sitting business learn to keep a record of all the clients along with their email address and phone numbers Also include how much you were paid by them at that time so that you can stick to your bargin Once you have a ample number of clients, set yourself a minimum hourly rate that you will ask for.This kind of work can be done by other women apart from teens you can even have a creche once you are trained in your skill and mothers willingly will bring their children to you and be at peace .


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