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How to start a Niche site and earn money from it

Updated on August 10, 2015
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Ashish is a online enthusiast. Who loves writing stuffs on make money online, SEO, blogging, creating websites etc.

1. Identify your Niche that can also be Profitable

Find your profitable niche
Find your profitable niche | Source

a. Finding List of topic for you Niche: Use this way of finding your Niche which I found in this awesome post in smartPassiveIncome blog of Pat Flynn.

  • List down your top 7 Problems, 7 Fears and 7 passions.
  • Now from this list of 21 select top 10 potential markets closely related to these words.
  • Do through research on each of these markets to find out if there is a market for them or not.
  • Filter out top 10 markets that you like the most and can be profitable for you.

b. Find target Market and keywords using Keyword Research: Now it’s time to check what market among these top 10 is profitable. For this go to Google keyword tool to find out the keyword which 100% match with your selected markets. Test for all 10 markets and find out the best keyword for each market. The best keyword should have more than 3000 global searches/month but less than 6000. This process will give you some great keywords. Find the best among them and that keyword will than become target keyword for your website.

c. Test the keywords that stand out from the last two steps on Google. Search these keywords in Google. The Best keyword should have less than 13000 exact keyword search competitors.

Now you must have the target market and the target keyword for your niche site.

2. Register a domain name.

The domain name that you register should have exact match or closely match with target keyword for your niche. This will help you get more attention in the eyes of search engines.

Register Domain and Hosting for niche site
Register Domain and Hosting for niche site | Source

3. Buy Hosting and Install WordPress

Find the best Hosting Provider in the market to get the hosting space for your website. I recommend BlueHost as it is very reliable and also it give an option of on click installation of WordPress on your site.

I also recommend to use .com domain extension for your site as these domains gets more priority in search engines than domains with other extensions. After you are done installing WordPress, install the following plugins: Google XML Sitemaps, All in One SEO Pack and WP Super Cache.

4. Write 5 very informative posts relevant to your keyword

Write content relevent to target keyword
Write content relevent to target keyword | Source

Write what you think will be helpful for your readers and it should be relevant to your target market and should have your target keywords in it atleast 3 times.

5. Monetize your site

Monetize your niche site
Monetize your niche site

There are lots of ways of earning money to your website when you have regular and enough traffic. You can register with Ad placement services like Google, Chitika etc. to place ads on your site and you will be paid on per click basis. you can also promote a specific product related to your niche, create and sell your own product like e-book, use AdWords to advertise your products and site on google etc.

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