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How to start a cleaning business in Colorado?

Updated on April 24, 2017

If you’re new to the cleaning business industry, it is better to take your time and consider all the things that are important in starting a cleaning business in Colorado. Study the industry first, find out what are usual offered, the target population, the extent of liability that will be placed on you as a business owner, the risks of entering into the cleaning business, the equipment and products being used to clean and many more. You also have to assess yourself, if you’re really committed to this type of business as it’s not always glamorous. Once you’ve done all these, research for possible areas where cleaning companies are not as many and find for probable locations. Study the location and find out the requirements. Make a business plan and from there you can start your cleaning business.

Hiring employees is one of the most important steps in starting a service business such as a cleaning business. Thus, the next requirement is to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) at the Internal Revenue Office. Creating a business name is not only requirement, it is the most important marketing strategy as well. Think of business names that will be remembered by people, not something generic. Once you have already chosen, you can register the business name. And if you want to protect the name of your cleaning business, you can also file for a trademark.

Tax registration is part of the process when starting a cleaning business. Apply for sales tax account, wage withholding account, or an unemployment insurance account at the Colorado Business Registration. Depending on the city or county in Colorado that you’re in, additional licensing and registration may also be needed.

Turning your cleaning business idea into reality

In starting a business it is challenging is to make your ideas into something that is tangible and real. In your mind, starting a cleaning business might be easy, but once planning starts, you begin to realize that it’s not as easy as you thought.

Cleaning service businesses are highly in demand nowadays. People are always hiring cleaning services to clean homes, offices, schools, establishments and many others. Cleaning companies are one of the easiest start-ups, however, they need to be properly planned. So how do you really start your cleaning business idea into reality?

Self-help tools in starting a cleaning business in Colorado

Colorado is a good state to start a business. The state provides new and existing business owners many different resources to help them turn their cleaning business ideas into reality. Under the SBDC Network of Colorado, the state is able to provide numerous assistance programs such as the Colorado Business Resource Book. The latter can be accessed online. It’s a comprehensive guide book for entrepreneurs which contains information on business entry options, bookkeeping, registration, and more.

If you're struggling for the state requirements and you need assistance, Colorado’s Ask the Business Navigator Tools is available for use. Any questions about licensing requirements and assistance programs will surely be answered. Another example of self-help tools also includes Occupational License Database, which is a tool to help you determine the specific licenses and permits your business requires.

If it’s your first time to start a cleaning business, you can talk to Colorado’s readily available consultants. You can also test the feasibility of your cleaning business through the partnerships between the Denver Metro SBDC and Johnson and Wales University which offers a free feasibility study for eligible start-ups. Business planning courses and start-up workshops are offered free at Colorado.


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