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How to start an e-Business on the Internet

Updated on February 3, 2010

A little background on e-Business comes to mind. When I was in college in the early 90s, I cross-enrolled at a local computer school to take up my related subject in computer programming. For more than five decades, data shows that big players in the internet business like IBM or Exxon dominated the game, living only a small space to new players to get to the top.

It was in 1994 when the big change came. Monopolizing the e-business is not really good in the internet world. With all the knowledge on the business being acquired by early enthusiasts and academicians, Netscape made all the difference we are experiencing today in the World Wide Web.

With just a little browser called Netscape, it opened a new dimension to small players thereby challenging the gods of commerce. Ten years ago, we initially heard of eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, 1-800-Flowers,,, until billions of small but flexible new businesses are competing online around the world and making money you could never imagine.

The web is the new way to advertise or promote and sell your business without going out of your home or while enjoying your coffee in the early morn. It gradually change how we handle our business nowadays, even you are located in the remotest part of the world.

Reasons why you must open an e-Business

1. It’s cheap and affordable. Starting with as low as $100 or less, you can make your business running visible on the net.

2. Processing orders made easy. You spend little money or no cost at all when arranging, shifting or clearing orders for your customers by just processing it on the web.

3. Updated catalogue. You will not bother anymore about the cost of papers to distribute in the vicinity. You can always add new information about your business online.

4. Downloadable. A customer can bookmark it or download the web page if they want to easily access your business.

5. Staff no more. You can just have a helper or two assistants to keep you web business running.

6. Non-stop business. It can be a 24-hour operation. You can still get sleep while your web business is open.

7. Global audience. Imagine the hits or comments or orders you’ll have if you prefer online business.

8. Business permits. Small web business doesn’t require business permit (one or two PCs) unless you want to expand it to 15 or 30 PCs to operate. You will need staff of helpers for this.

9. No angry customer. There’s always the satisfaction on every customer’s face after they log online.

10. Manageable. Avoid common dotcom mistakes by upgrading your business online.

Booming e-Business

Non-stop chatting or gaming for about eight hours or a day...can you dig this? Teenagers and even adults usually flock internet cafes to chat or log on to gaming web sites everyday. You can just imagine the income of the owner of the e-cafe if he/she operates 24 hours a day.

Philippine islanders are never behind when it comes to this kind of business. It's both lucrative and self-fulfilling.

Try opening one and you'll see the result.


Making Money Online


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      That's true, bacville. A help from marketing arm will be able to assist you in starting an e-Business.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Owning an e-business requires a thorough planning.