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How to start your own cleaning business

Updated on February 21, 2013

Starting your own cleaning business or service is the easiest way to make quick money. I'm talking about the kind of cash you can feel in your hand - not having to wait months before you receive anything.

And what's the best part of starting your own cleaning service? It requires virtually no skill or qualifications and there's absolutely no start-up cost. Within a week you could have a part-time income of £500 ($760) a month. After a month it;s possible to turn your personal cleaning servive into a business that brings in a full time income.

I know this is true because I've done it myself! I've answered the phone to people who desperately want a cleaner, then I've pocketed their money!

Now, before we go on, lets' decide if this is for you. Do you think 'Ohh, cleaning, I'm too good to be scrubbing somebody else's bathroom'. If that's you, either swallow your pride, or try something else.

If you're not afraid of hard work, and you want to make money, then carry on reading. I'm going to show you quickly and briefly how you can start a cleaning service to make quick cash.

Starting a cleaning business is a quick and easy way to make money
Starting a cleaning business is a quick and easy way to make money

Finding your first client

Finding your first client is the first step to starting a cleaning business.

Have a look around the local grocers and newsagents. Often people will put notices in the window if they're looking for a service. This was how I found my first cleaning job. A local landlord wanted somebody to keep clean a property he rented out clean. He just needed somebody to hoover and sweep out front once a week. It was easy work, and gave me extra spending money at the end of the month.

But then I figured out that by doing a couple of extra jobs I could triple my income. So I started advertising.

Cleaners are always in demand
Cleaners are always in demand


  • Online adverts
  • Cards in local shops
  • Print flyers
  • Local newspaper ads
  • Friends and family

The easiest place to advertise your cleaning services is to put an advert online.

Gumtree is one of the biggest and best community message boards in the world. They charge a small fee for placing your advert, but there are plenty of free websites in local areas that can also be used for advertising.

You can also try sites like UK Classifieds and Craigslist.

Post an advert offering your cleaning work in the services section and you're sure to receive a few responses within the fist few weeks.

Word of mouth is another great way to get business. Tell friends and family that you can clean their places, and they may hire you.

You can also print flyers and post them through letterboxes in your local area.

If you want to take things a step further you can put notices up in local newsagents and grocers or advertise in the local newspaper.

Also try direct marketing by approaching places such as pubs, bars, cafes shops and small offices and offer them your services.

The important thing if you're working on your own is to target private, residential clients. These are the small jobs that you'll be able to manage easily. Leave the office cleaning for the big agencies.

Cleaning materials

Sometimes when you have a client they will offer to provide you with cleaning materials. This is absolutely ideal, because it means that you will pay absolutely nothing to start up your business.

It also saves money in the long run as you will have no expenses for cleaning products.

But if they don't, your cleaning business is going to require some basic tools and materials. Depending on the jobs, you will need a hoover, a duster, polish, a mop and bucket, a cloth, bathroom cleaning spray, kitchen cleaning spray and a brush.

If you can't afford to buy all of these straight away, don't worry. Get in touch with a family member or friend and explain to them your new venture. They're sure to let you borrow some equipment to get started until you're business is ready to buy new equipment.

Income... let's do the maths

Start your cleaning business by charging £10 ($15 ) per hour. This is the going rate in London and other cities throughout the UK, and is likely to be similar in the U.S.

If you have just one cleaning role with a private client, it will take on average job around two or three hours and you'll be doing it once a week. So that's between eight and 12 hours a month. We'll say 10 hours here.

Charging a basic rate of £10 per hour, you're getting £100 per month - and that's just for doing two or three hours of work a week.

Let's say three people reply to your ad and you take on all three jobs. That's £300 a month - and you're only working for around two hours on each job - so you can get all of those done in under one full day.

Add in a couple more jobs a week from two other clients and you have a part-time income - and still plenty of free time.

With the same system in place you can make a full time income of £1,000 + a month.

Managing your business

There are some issues you will need to consider when you start to get regular clients and make more more. Business insurance and tax affairs both spring to mind. But until you're business is properly up and running and you have more than ten clients, it's not worth worrying about.

Once you have more clients, you may also want to start hiring somebody else to do the work for you. Pay them slightly less than the client pays you, and you will be making a small profit while they do the cleaning.

Soon enough you will have a full cleaning business.

To read more about how you can start your own cleaning business please visit my site How To Earn Money Quick.


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